Recipe: Monday Miracle Mixture


Is it just me or does it seem like this Monday in particular everyone has the blues?  Maybe it was the Red Moon last night?  Or depending on your allegiance,  too much celebrating the Irish Rugby win or moaning over the U.S. and  English losses ? Or folks just getting back to work after being away on holidays?  Or it could simply be that some had a few ‘tee many martoonies’!  Well, I have the for sure cure!  And even if you awakened bright as a bunny this morning, you will still love this miracle mixture.

I call it Lemon-Aid.  It is my special lemonade made with tea.  Irish brand Barry’s Tea.  Most Irish don’t even like to use the words iced and tea together.  So I won’t say it is iced tea okay?  It is a variation of what some people call an “Arnold Palmer” after the famous golfer.  Only this is better. You get a hit of vitamin C from all the freshly squeezed fruit juice in it and a jolt of caffeine from the tea.  Hence the name Lemon-Aid!  This can be enjoyed on its own, or you can use it as a cordial and add some sparkling water if it is too strong, which is what I like to do.  My hubby likes it straight up!

I make it in a pitcher but then decant it into a big glass bottle. This makes it handy to shake before you pour (as there are nice pulpy bits in it).  As well, it makes a super hostess gift!  If you are going on a night out but will be driving home, this is a fun drink to have in your glass as you will still feel festive.  Even if you aren’t planning to use this non alcoholic drink as a  go-to substitute, like some people I know, you could actually add a bit of vodka or other spirits to it just the same!


As a little touch, I make homemade gift tags as well.




2 bags (they come stuck together as you can see) of Barry’s Irish Tea (or other black tea) steeped in 500 ml (16 oz) hot water (plus more water added after the tea has steeped to equal  1 and 1/4 pints)

225 ml (8 oz) Stock Syrup (see instructions at bottom if you don’t have on hand)

Juiced 1 lime, 3 lemons, 1 orange

Mix all together in a pitcher. Voila!  Decant to a bottle if you desire. This will last a couple days in the fridge but best on the first day it is made.

To make the stock syrup, slowly bring to the boil 450 g of sugar and 600 ml water in a saucepan on the stove top (hob).  Let it slowly boil for a few minutes then take it off the heat to cool.  There will be loads more than you need for one batch. So place the rest into an airtight jug and pop it into the fridge to have on hand when you need to make more LemonAID!


Here’s hoping you have a better Monday once you taste this miracle mixture!  Hey, when life gives you lemons there are lots of possibilities! And I think LemonAID is a great one!

Calming Caring Love,


P. S. I did a tutorial of this on Snapchat today (user name blissbakery) if you want to see.  But it is a pretty straight forward recipe to follow. I refrained from my usual singing and carrying on in light of some people’s hurting heads!  Instead I spoke in just a whisper, I didn’t dance or make any quick moves, and I  played some peaceful and relaxing music…..aaaahhh…Monday is almost over folks!