A Different Sort of Woman Crush Wednesday

Today is my favorite day as it is Wednesday!  The day I spread some love in the culinary world by honoring a female chef.  But today is another significant day.  It is my mother’s birthday and every day on this date since 1990, the day she disappeared, it has been a strange experience . A sad moment of course, but also a day of unresolved emotions. I shared a bit about it last year and you can click here to read it. But in spite of all these mixed emotions, I was also given a gift or shall I say miracle into my life.  This year on October 19th, my mother’s 78th birthday, I was asked to speak at the #NWED (National Women’s Enterprise Day) here in Ireland.

With seven events around the country it is a massive initiative put on by the Local Enterprise Offices. What a great way to support, encourage, and inspire women in business or those wishing to start one. How awesome to have been asked to speak at such an event, which is only because of the courage of Loretta Gavin. But I was on the stage today at the ghotel in Galway with so many formidable women of all facets of business and media. And for me all I had to do share was a story. Though not so easy to tell. However it all  boiled down to one word. LOVE! And that is what got me through it all.

So while many of you might have signed on here today to see which gourmet gal got crushed on and which recipe I cooked (while doing the bad singing and dancing) today you’re getting a story. But it is a story of the Hero’s Challenge that the awesome keynote speaker Natasha Fennel (of Stillwater Communications) shared this afternoon. It is a journey we all take from our first adventure into the world, with all its twists and turns, until we arrive back home.

I will share with you all the lovely details of the event, the ghotel, and all sorts of fabulous women I met for another post.   But for now I thank you! It was the day that is still marinating in my soul. And all I can say is this day has forever been morphed into something a bit more positive than before. Life is wonderful, life is strange, life is  LOVE!

Until next week, Slan! LOVE


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