Happy Father’s Day

Sharing my post from last year, well, because it felt apropos:

Father’s Day, like Mother’s Day and indeed Valentine’s Day (the made up card company holidays) are always received with mixed emotions.  Some people love them and embrace them. Others have gone so far as to share on their social media that they literally HATE them!  They say it is only a reminder that they don’t have a mom, dad or lover.  Or maybe they do have them but aren’t happy with the ones they got.

Well, I think having a day to honor our parents (whether here on earth or not) is nice, as let’s face it, without them we wouldn’t be here!  But frankly we should honor them everyday.  And the same with Valentines, it would be nice to honor our lover, partner, boyfriend/girlfriend, spouse, soulmate etc. daily.  Why wait for a day on the calendar to remind us to give them some appreciation?

Of course I miss my own dad.  I have shared here on the blog numerous times the pain, even 32 years on, of not having him here to hug and hold.  I would love to have treated him to brunch or a BBQ today as so many people are doing.  But I don’t want my longing for my father to make others feel guilty about enjoying theirs.  In fact, in seeing others relish their precious time with their fathers I have faith that LOVE is alive!  I don’t dread this day, I welcome it as I do my father’s birthday and anniversary of his death. They are just another chance to say I LOVE you Dad!  And I took to my own little social media platform to share the only photo I have of my dad and a little ode to him.


Happy Father’s Day Dad!  Even if you’re not here in your “meat suit” you’re always with me in spirit.  Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you.  Lots of us that don’t have our dads with us on earth deal with a day like this with mixed emotions.  I like to honor you this day with gratitude.  For the 1st five years of my life you were my daddy, my joy, my first LOVE, until mom took us kids away.  I always prayed I’d see you again someday. Being reunited with you for those three years as an adult were amazing.  I got to know you in a more special, mature way. I  was able to get a glimpse into your intelligence and creativity.  And I got to see your silly side. Then God took you away. You were so young at only 46 years old.  But I’m just so blessed that I had those eight years in total to soak up all the love that you gave me freely and unconditionally. Thanks for being my hero and forever Angel. I LOVE you Dad!


The reality is someday all of us will no longer be on this earth. We don’t know the time or the hour.  Indeed some might be left behind, missing us, that is true. But please God we will all be reunited again one day.  So for what it is worth, I will use a visceral reminder to help us all deal with that thought.   I saw it at the Heathrow Airport when we were arriving from our recent adventures.  As we were standing on the moving walkway, the caution sign above said, “Face direction of travel”.  So look forward (we do have eyes on the front of our heads for a reason)  and imagine the amazing reunion we will have with our dearly departed.  And ponder in your heart what that long awaited big giant hug of LOVE will feel like!  Until then, I will be grateful for the times I had my father with me, and appreciate his presence with me even now in spirit!

Paternal LOVE,


P.S. There are people out there that have served as a father figure to those that might have needed it. Whether they be coaches, uncles, godfathers, older brothers or even a single mom. Yes,  I remember all the times when my kids and I were called “The Three Musketeers” and I had to be a mom AND a dad. I was one of many I am sure that had to do double duty.  So for all the unsung heroes, those that the card companies don’t necessarily make cards for on this day, Happy Father’s Day to you too!  Thanks for stepping up to the plate and being a nurturing soul in the lives of another.