Guest Blogger II: Post #17

Day 17 of the Guest Blogger Month of LOVE and today’s post is from the lovely Cynthia.  It is amazing the people you meet through social media and how you can connect. After I invited folks on Snapchat to message me if they wanted to share a love story, I received this message  from Cynthia, “I have a lot to share but I’m not a blogger.  Plus my first language is Spanish (my English isn’t  perfect).”

Here is the thing, LOVE is an international language!  In fact one doesn’t even need to speak words to express love.  But I know “writing” even in one’s mother tongue can be daunting. So I like to encourage folks to think of it as “sharing” and since Cynthia and I would share the chats on Snapchat, I suggested she just snap me her thoughts and feelings about the topic of LOVE.  I didn’t want her to worry about typing on a computer, which can often make people freeze. So what you are about to read I have transposed directly from her message to me.  Wait until you read in her own words a short but sweet LOVE story….


My husband and I got married on 2004.  We wanted a baby since day one..but we struggle…we went to the doctor, to specialist in fertility and after all they told us that I was gonna get pregnant with an artificial insemination 100% sure.  But it was a little expensive for us . So we kept waiting and then on April 13, 2015 because I was feeling weird like a lot of changes in my body I decided that I was time for a pregnancy test.  Hubby was home with me. I took two and oh surprise. They were both positive. My eyes couldn’t believe it. Twelve years waiting!

So I was like “no this is not true.” So I went to buy two more pregnancy tests and came back home and they came out positive too. And still with insecurities in me went to a clinic to take a test there. After waiting 30 minutes the nurse came out and told me “Congratulations! You are pregnant.”  That was when I couldn’t stop crying, then she was all worry asking me if I was ok. I told her I’ve never been better in my whole life.  I told her I was waiting for this miracle to happen and thank God He had mercy of us.

Ruth is our everything.  I’ve never going to stop thanking God for such a beautiful miracle. She has changed our lives in all ways. And I wouldn’t change that for nothing in this world. I am a mom and I am so happy!

My husband and I were both born in Mexico and met in church. We were married on Valentine’s Day and just celebrated our 14th anniversary. We want more babies but it hasn’t happened yet….we are praying every day!


Have you ever rooted for someone so much you feel the spirit inside you jumping up and down for them? I feel that way about Cynthia.  She is a lovely wife and mom and a super sweet person. She is grateful for her blessings and has a deep faith. She was so appreciative when I told her I’d be praying for her, praying that she would get pregnant again and their family would grow. She is an example of perseverance and hope. I am so grateful to know her and honored she’d share her LOVE story on Yankee Doodle Paddy.

Same as last year, I have been receiving the LOVE stories via email.  However, as I said this was the first one to come through a Snapchat message. I deliberately did not edit, correct the spelling or punctuation. I want people to see and feel the love coming through Cynthia’s words. It doesn’t matter that English isn’t her first language. Because the reality is, her true FIRST language is LOVE!

Thank you Cynthia for sharing and trusting me with this beautiful story. And I’ll be here cheering and praying for you!

language of LOVE,



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