Guest Blogger Month II: Post #23

Sian is one strong lady, inside and out!  I know this because she has participated in my #30daysofgratitude challenge two years in a row.  She is honest, to the point and the hardest working person ever!  She is the owner of Elite Pilates in Ireland and a total #girlboss.   But strong as she is, she has had her share of knocks that would take the wind out of the best of us.  What has kept her going? You guessed it, love!   I’ll let the awesome Sian, Guest Blogger #23, give you some insight into why LOVE wins!

Let LOVE win!

The last time I wrote about love was a sad time, after the loss of my 8th gorgeous Angel and the end of my journey to become a mother.

I wasn’t sure where to start when I was asked to write this blog about love. Not because I don’t know what it feels like.  Not because I don’t have lots to share around it,  but because I wasn’t sure how to broach it.

Today is Valentine’s Day and I am sitting reading about love from other women and I’m feeling sad.  Why?  Because all I ever hear and read is you never know love until you see your child for the first time.   It’s yet another reminder that some think they hold a secret I will never feel.

Having 8 angels looking after me I can assure you I know that feeling of love that oozes from your heart and soul from the first minute you see the positive test.  The first scan, the first heart beat, the first time you proudly tell someone the good news…all felt with love.  Even to the minute you hold on to your body so hard and beg them not to leave you.  Pure LOVE!

Love is just so powerful, from the height of happiness to the excruciating feeling of loss and pain.  It’s all love !  And I feel it all.

Now comes the hardest question.  How about love now?  We decided to finish our journey to becoming a family with children after 8 years of trying.   Coming to terms with how much space I gave, well, it has been hard.  I sit and look at my partner and wonder is this enough love?  I have a lot to give but can I possible only give it to one person?  What do I do with the time now, when all that time consumed from me was about adding to our family?  If it’s to be just the two of us, then we have to fill our time with the HAPPIEST of love you can find.  The 5 star love!  The kind of love you can’t buy!  The laughing love!  The fun love!

My first challenge will be to start to love myself again!  If you can’t love yourself,you can’t love anyone.   It’s a daily challenge to love a body that can’t do what a body should do as a woman. A body that isn’t five star!  A body that you wouldn’t buy!  A body you might even laugh at.  A body that has too much fun ………BUT !!!!!

I am!  I can !  I will!  Because I believe in myself.   I believe I can make a difference!  I believe I can be happy!  I believe my family is enough!  Because of that I LET LOVE WIN!!!

The love of my amazing future husband ( roll on new year’s eve)…

The love of my family….

The love of my friends…

The love of strangers…

But most importantly MY love for all of them…

…will Let Love Win xxxx

Thank you Sian for baring your soul and sharing how you have channeled your love into a new way of being. Your acceptance and positivity are so inspirational.  I am grateful to social media for bringing us together. Your story resonates with me more than you realize.  I know how hard it is, but you’re right, LOVE always wins!  I love you my dear!

Winning LOVE,


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  1. The body is but a vessel my friend and the love of your true self that “spark” the spirit within you that has no limitations, unlike our physical bodies. The same spark that had the courage to write this blog post is the spark that will carry you through and allow your love to grow for yourself and others in each moment of each day. Thank you for sharing.

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