Guest Blogger Month II: Post #25

I love Cathi!  Or Cathidee as I call her.  All my Snapchat friends are referred to by their usernames when I am conversing with Hubby about them.  Today’s amazing Guest Blogger #25 Cathi lives in Georgia with her Hubby.  She is the mom of four fab kids and grandmother to one.  I’ve been so blessed to get to know her and enjoy her kind loving manner.  I could listen to her gorgeous accent all day long and her words are always deep and thoughtful, with some humor and sass mixed in for fun!  I suggested she submit a love story for the Guest Blogger Month and thankfully she did just that!

LOVE in Words

Recently, I read the blog of someone who was going through a great struggle.  Their heart was shattered.  In this particular instance, it would be easy to say, well if you were living differently, this wouldn’t have happened.  As true as that may be, what kind of an unloving attitude is that?  What does it accomplish?  Would it affect the way you would treat them?  I know how you can get to that place because I’ve been there.  I was fortunate with the fact that I had people around me who cared and loved me, in spite of myself.  Many people are not so blessed.

As a Christian, I am supposed to show the love of God.  What is it about us that seems to want to put others down during a moment of weakness?  I hate to admit it, but I have been guilty of being in the judgmental seat in many instances.  If a person doesn’t “fit” in our idea of what a particular life style is, we write them off.  If they look a certain way, or live in a certain place, we judge them.  We use derogatory words to describe them.  Sometimes we make jokes and laugh about it too.  Also, don’t think for a moment, if someone was standing in front of you that they can’t “feel” your negative thoughts.

To God, there is no black or white, gay or straight, male or female, young or old, rich or poor, weak or strong, famous or unknown to the world.  All are souls, human beings that He loves. How can we ever show the love of God if we are full of judgment that doesn’t even show an ounce of who He is?

Our words can be the very thing that make or break a life that may be at a very fragile place. My prayer is the love of God be in us and through us so that the first things we say or think will be healing and not hurtful, kind and full of grace, above all loving and sincere.  I want my life to be a fragrant offering, a sweet smelling fragrance based in love and kindness in a world where a lot of the time it is not loving or kind.  I know it may sound cliche’ but we really can make a difference now more than ever.

I love you all  <3

Thank you my dear Cathidee for sharing your wisdom through you thought provoking LOVE story!  You are a wonderful friend to so many on Snapchat and have a big generous heart and spirit.  We are lucky, your family is lucky and in fact the world is lucky to have you in it!  I hope folks take to heart what you have just shared on here.  Especially those in social media who might think that they are invisible behind a mobile screen or laptop.  But the wounds inflicted when unkind words are left in the comments section are not invisible.  To the naked eye maybe. But not to the soul which feels and lives with the pain.  Instead let’s take a note from your hymn sheet, “Being Kind is the new COOL!

words of LOVE,


P.S. As I mentioned in my intro, Cathi’s snapchat username is @cathidee and on Wednesdays she hosts an episode called Wine Wednesday. Folks from all over the world send her snaps of what liquid libation they are enjoying as a cool way to connect and get to know one another. So check it out, even if iced tea is your fav drink to have, it just makes Hump Day a bit more fun!



4 thoughts on “Guest Blogger Month II: Post #25

  1. Cathi you are one of the first friends I made in Snapchat Land & I am always struck by your kindness & loving nature. Thank you for sharing your story, now where can I get your audio version — your voice is so calming & lovely! Lol 😉

  2. I can’t agree with you more. We are ALL a divine spark of God and you are either moving away from source or towards it. Peoples words are powerful and they do the same. They move us either towards healing and giving love to another or away by showing cruelty and disconnect. Thank you for your beautiful words. I will happily go find you on Snapchat.

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