Guest Blogger Month: Post #32

It would seem that Self LOVE is the most shared love story during this Guest Blogger Month series on Yankee Doodle Paddy. Yet each of the authors that chose to write about it has such a different way in which they impart the journey to their soul. Even as we read them, while surely inspired, anything gleaned will still be manifested through our own lenses in a different way. Because our personalities, experiences and essences are totally unique and beautiful. Hence self love is SELF LOVE, not “someone else” LOVE. The awesome Paul Broghall from Ireland found that out himself and bravely shares his love story with us.  Continue reading

Guest Blogger Month: Post #31

Each LOVE story along the way during Guest Blogger Month has had its own ‘personality’ if you will: Poignant, touching, powerful, tender, funny, sweet, magical, gut wrenching, precious, and most of all inspiring. I say “most of all inspiring” because in spite of love being, well LOVE, it can also have it’s challenges. Nevertheless, all of the authors have kept loving! That to me is inspiring. Continue reading

Guest Blogger Month: Post #30

While I posted numerous times on all my social media channels asking for submissions for the Guest Blogger Month, I also mentioned it to several folks that I had been talking with on Snapchat. Some followed through and submitted love stories. Others for various reasons were unable to do so. This was never intended to be a dreaded school assignment with the impending doom of a due date.  But only an open invitiation to participate in something unique and special. A month long opportunity to celebrate LOVE in all its forms. Continue reading

Guest Blogger Month: Post #28

It’s February 28th and it is a special day for our family. My Aunt turns 70 years old!!!  It also happens to be time for post #28 during the Guest Blogger Month. I asked my aunt, who happens to be the eldest in the family, if she’d like to share a love story on Yankee Doodle Paddy. She’s more of a talker than a writer. Maybe the gift of the gab came from kissing the Blarney Stone. Then again, she’s always been a great story teller, and full of LOVE!  The perfect combination as this series is winding down.  Continue reading