Recipe: Secret Ingredient Turkey Burgers

It is a bank holiday Monday here in London, so an end of summer BBQ is in order!!!  Hubby won’t eat red meat so I usually make ordinary turkey burgers. But I made some turkey burgers with zucchini in them the last time I was visiting my daughter and family in the USA. They were very good! I don’t remember my daughter’s recipe source, so I had to re-create something on the fly. But they turned out delicious…moist, flavorful and healthy!  Continue reading

Recipe: Courgette Cakes

One of the best things about teaching cookery classes is seeing the students delighted with themselves when they have recreated a dish I have demoed.  Especially one that is a bit different than the norm.  Such is the case with these savory Courgette Cakes.  Or as my American friends might call them, Zucchini Fritters.  In essence they are a pancake.  However, not your typical Sunday brunch pancake which is a butter and syrup laden affair.  Continue reading