Recipe: Woman Crush Wednesday

After a break last week from Woman Crush Wednesday due to travel, I am back and ready to smash it!  And today’s awesome chef is culinary queen Cat Cora!  This American lady with Greek roots is one of the most famous chefs in the world! She was the first female winner of Iron Chef and with numerous cookbooks, televisions shows and food businesses she deserves the LOVE today and everyday! Continue reading

Recipe: Honey Mustard Apple Chicken

Recipes this time of year are usually related to festive fare. Yet we still need food to eat beyond the Christmas table. Unfortunately most people are so busy with shopping and parties, meal time is the last thing on their list.  So quick trip to a take away or pizza delivery suffices.  We could use a recipe that is quick and easy and still relatively healthy. Because we will have enough indulgence for the month of December, right? Enter the Honey Mustard Apple Chicken. Served with a nice rice pilaf and green beans sauteed in shallots and this could become your go to dinner for 2017! Continue reading

Recipe: Black and White Baby Bakes

Living in Los Angeles for many years, I would have dined at the famous Cheesecake Factory on a number of occasions.  But I never actually ate a cheesecake there.  Because their food portions are so large I was usually too full for dessert.  I know, for a sweet tooth like me that says a lot!  On one visit there I did order a slice of cheesecake, but asked for it in a “to go/take away” container.   Then I tucked into it later on that evening, with help of course.  It too was so big!  We Americans do like our super sized portions!  However, it got me to thinking that it would be fun to have a mini sized cheesecake. One that didn’t leave you feeling so full and/or guilty!  And since I am a cupcake aficionado I thought why not do a mash up of the two!?  Oh yea! Continue reading