Guest Blogger Month II: Post #23

Sian is one strong lady, inside and out!  I know this because she has participated in my #30daysofgratitude challenge two years in a row.  She is honest, to the point and the hardest working person ever!  She is the owner of Elite Pilates in Ireland and a total #girlboss.   But strong as she is, she has had her share of knocks that would take the wind out of the best of us.  What has kept her going? You guessed it, love!   I’ll let the awesome Sian, Guest Blogger #23, give you some insight into why LOVE wins! Continue reading

Guest Blogger Month II: Post #22

I won a competition!  I was so excited and also so surprised.  But then again you can’t win a competition unless you enter, right?  The competition was being run by a lovely lady I met through Snapchat.  I still didn’t know much about her but I loved her username: thesassysurvivr.  My prize arrived, yippee, but the best gift has been getting to know the amazing lady named Janelle. Wait until you read Guest Blogger #22’s  LOVE story of not only surviving, but of thriving!

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Guest Blogger Month II: Post #20

It is Day 20 of the Guest Blogger Month of LOVE and I hope you are enjoying these love stories as much as I am.  Some of them have made me laugh, some have made me cry.  That is when you really know something is about love, when you feel emotion. God given human emotions are a barometer. They take a temperature on life, on our soul, and today’s story is one of those that is felt deeply. Aoife Bermingham contacted me via Snapchat when I invited folks to submit love stories for this guest blogger series. When she shared what the subject of her love story would be, I was already in tears. It is such a touching tribute to the purest kind of LOVE.

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Guest Blogger II: Post #19

Even if there is a mass exodus from Snapchat the past year or so due to the Instagram Stories option and now with the new Snapchat update wrecking people’s heads, nothing can compare to Snapchat’s ability to connect people. Relationships form in an organic and authentic way and often times you might even meet those friends in real life. Today’s Guest Blogger #19, the incredible Thomas Henry and I were meant to meet, along with his sister Leona. Unfortunately, it was during a time I was only over in Ireland for a short visit and she was unwell.  So we said we would meet up next time I was over.  I’ll let Thomas tell you the rest in his heart wrenching and beautifully touching LOVE story.

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Guest Blogger II: Post #17

Day 17 of the Guest Blogger Month of LOVE and today’s post is from the lovely Cynthia.  It is amazing the people you meet through social media and how you can connect. After I invited folks on Snapchat to message me if they wanted to share a love story, I received this message  from Cynthia, “I have a lot to share but I’m not a blogger.  Plus my first language is Spanish (my English isn’t  perfect).”

Here is the thing, LOVE is an international language!  In fact one doesn’t even need to speak words to express love.  But I know “writing” even in one’s mother tongue can be daunting. So I like to encourage folks to think of it as “sharing” and since Cynthia and I would share the chats on Snapchat, I suggested she just snap me her thoughts and feelings about the topic of LOVE.  I didn’t want her to worry about typing on a computer, which can often make people freeze. So what you are about to read I have transposed directly from her message to me.  Wait until you read in her own words a short but sweet LOVE story….

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Guest Blogger Month II: Post #16

While I haven’t met all of the Guest Bloggers that have participated in the month of LOVE last year or this year,  I hope to one day.  However, I did meet today’s blogger Allison on her podcast channel. She interviewed me for her SnapDays series and it felt like we were old friends.  So I was delighted when I asked if she’d share a LOVE story this month and she agreed.  Since I never met either of my grandmas this Post #16 really touched my heart.

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Guest Blogger Month II: Post #14

Yep, it is here! The day the entire world says is the day of LOVE! While I am hosting a month long blogger series during February, I am trying to extend this global phenom with love for another 27 days. But in my world, love is each and every day and it is a blessing to celebrate! Whether you have a “romantic” partner or not, LOVE is what sustains us. Self love or love of family and friends, even pets as we have seen in some of our guest posts so far. Today’s Post #14 is the perfect LOVE story for Valentine’s Day. Some might even call it Galentine’s Day. When you read Ava Graham’s post you will see why.

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