Guest Blogger Month III: Post #25

Hello and welcome back good friends! Today we have an amazing Guest Blogger! Erik is the #25 post in the Month of LOVE and participated last year as well. His LOVE story was like a blockbuster film. If you haven’ t read it, please click here for the link! Erik is a dear friend and collaborator of another guest blogger, Kim Fleck. In fact, I was lucky enough to recently be featured on their podcast series: Healing is in YOUR Hands!¬†We talked about LOVE of course and also food. And who knew that Erik would be kind enough to not only write a beautiful story about his grandparents but also feature a recipe! This here foodie is very happy!

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Guest Blogger Month III: Post #6

If you are just joining us here on Yankee Doodle Paddy, you are very welcome! And if you are coming back on Day 6 of this third year of the Month of LOVE Guest Bloggers Series, so glad you are on board with our love train! Each and every story on here NEEDS to be told! These stories deserve to be shared and if you let them, they will inspire and transform your heart. Today’s special guest was a Guest Blogger last year as well. But Kim Fleck’s story continues to unfold as one of the most inspirational. So get your Kleenex ready for the gift of LOVE! Continue reading