Guest Blogger Month II: Post #24

Today I am going to do something a little different.  Due to the fact that I have received more LOVE stories for this Guest Blogger Month than actual days in February, I will have to post a couple stories on a single day.  This happened last year as well, seeing as I had 33 guest bloggers. However, for today, I wanted to incorporate two bloggers together in one for Post #24.  Why?  Well for several reasons. Both Katie and Adrian are bloggers themselves and have published these stories on their own blogs.  As individuals, they are more alike than different, as they are both people of substance living a purpose driven life helping others. They defo get what LOVE in action means.  And since my own blog is called Yankee Doodle Paddy, this post today embodies that. The amazing Katie is from my birth home, the good old USA!  And the awesome Adrian is from my soul home, the emerald isle of Ireland!  Continue reading

Guest Blogger Month: Post #15

Well guys we made it! It is post Valentine’s Day and there is actually still loads of LOVE to be celebrated!  For many who aren’t a fan of the holiday they are just as happy it and the hype are over.  While many are nursing a hangover (chocolate or otherwise), I for one am so happy to have this Guest Blogger series to look forward to each day.  While LOVE is indeed my purpose in life, it is key for me that it is interactive.  Meaning that it must flow like a river.  Part of the hydrological cycle, with a source and mouth and lots of places to nourish in between.  Continue reading