Guest Blogger Month II: Post #12

I realize this is Post #12 of the Guest Blogger Month of LOVE, but I could also title this one Monday Motivation.  Why?  Because today’s author is Nicola Feustel and she is one of the most motivational people I have ever met.  Well, technically we haven’t met in person yet, but we have a date in our diaries. She too lives in London and is a personal fitness coach, with emphasis on Body Positivity and Health at Every Size.  One of the things that is important in the BoPo movement is honesty and acceptance. When you read Nicola’s LOVE story you will get the sense that this woman embodies both those words.

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Guest Blogger Month: Post #12

“When you lose someone you LOVE, you gain an angel you know”

This is one of my favorite quotes ever. I have to believe that somehow, someway, someday, we will be reunited with those we love dearly who have gone before us. And it is our love that keeps that invisible string tethered to them until that day.  Today’s author, Tracey from County Mayo in Ireland, shares a story that for me is indicative of the above quote. And to be honest, Tracey, like the previous eleven guest bloggers , as well as those to come, needed to share this story and we all need to hear it. So thank you for taking time to read them all and show your support. Continue reading