Guest Blogger Month III: Post #4

Today’s guest blogger is a special ONE! More accurately it is TWO! Yes our guest bloggers are the cutest couple on social media! I really adore and admire Helen and Andrew, the darlings from Down Under. These dear Australian Snapchat friends of mine are smart, witty and supportive. And guess what? Today is their wedding anniversary. So without further adieu, I will let you enjoy their fantastic LOVE story! Continue reading

Guest Blogger Month II: Post #4

Though I haven’t met Guest Blogger #4 in person, I feel like I have. Because I sit with her on the floor of her kitchen every day while we wear our dressing gown (aka house coat, aka bathrobe). Only Sue’s is a chic leopard print, and mine is a dingy white one!  But I have really enjoyed getting to know Sue through our Snapchat friendship. I truly admire her honesty.   She even has a blog and Instagram account named @honestmammy ! But it is her yearly unwavering dedication to the Darkness into Light charity walk (which benefits the Irish Pieta House)that endeared me to her for eternity.  She is an example of how to take our deepest pain and use it for our highest purpose. And no doubt she is able to do that because of LOVE! Continue reading