Full Circle

It is so strange how life works.  I love it when I see things come full circle.  In an earlier post here on the blog I shared with you why in this day and age I wasn’t on Facebook.  I said, blame in on Napolean Dynamite!  Because in the film the famous line “your mom goes to college” was literally what my son had to deal with on a daily basis when he and I were going to university together.  While I had joined Facebook in its infancy on the urging of other nerdy students looking for study groups, I quickly signed off when my son’s fraternity brothers thought it would be funny to “friend me”.  Continue reading

The Story That Needs to Be Told

LOVE. It is my response to everything and if you’ve known me for even a minute you know that.  Some like to say that I am positive and happy and other lovely characteristics.  But that doesn’t mean that I don’t get sad, angry or at times even negative.  And I have every right to be given the things that have happened to me in my life.  But why I want to share this post with you today is no matter if you are happy or sad, positive or negative, your story is YOUR story.  If  you take anything away from what you are about to read is that YOU should be the one to tell your story.  Otherwise someone else will try to tell your story and it will never be as accurate or indeed powerful than if it comes from YOU! Continue reading

The Most Grateful Competition

As we near the end of 2016 there are a wide range of emotions flying around. Whether the discussions are at the dinner table or on social media, we hear relief that this year is ending, and hope for a better year ahead. Though some have had a banner year with loads of positives to celebrate, others have limped along and are barely standing at this juncture. However, if you are able to read this you are indeed better off than most. Because you still have a living breathing chance! Continue reading

Sunday Spotlight Snap Sista Recap #3

As the line from the famous festive song says “I’ll be home for the holidays”, that is where I am at the moment. Well, I am in America with my family and since home is where the heart is, then I am home.  So I won’t be doing a Sunday Spotlight Snap Sista episode today. But I thought it would be a good time to do another recap. Since I have done three recaps before (which you can read if you click here, here and here), I’d like to give the final twelve of the 39 amazing honorees their moment in the blogosphere sun. You see, not everyone who reads the blog is on Snapchat, so it’s always nice for them to learn about some really cool people out there in social media who got some love from me on their special day. Continue reading

Sunday Spotlight Snap Sista Recap #2

During this #30daysofgratitude Snapchallenge, I thought it might be a good idea to do another recap of some of my Sunday Spotlight Snap Sista honorees. There have been 37 so far. I had planned to do another episode today.  But Hubby and I are currently in Malta and the wifi is a bit spotty.  Since each week I do a segment on my Snapchat (username blissbakery) that includes video and photo content, it appears it wouldn’t be possible for the snaps to load properly. So I’ll be back next Sunday with another installment.
Continue reading

TNT Blowing Up Social Media


When you see the acronym T.N.T you immediately think of tri-nitro-toluene right?  You know, that explosive substance?  Well today I’ve got another kind of explosive substance for you. It is TNT alright!  It is Tuesday’s Nice Tweeters!  That’s because I am in the middle of hosting the #30daysofgratitude Snapchallenge.  I’ve already shared my gratitude for some Bloggers, Instagramers, and YouTubers so today it is the day for Twitterland love! Continue reading