My Bite of the Big Apple

Though I left New York over a week ago, I wanted to post a round up of the visit there before too much time passes.  Having lived and worked in New York for three years and to go back there again as a tourist was a unique experience unto itself.  While it is a city with a personality like no other, it is steeped in history and rich in culture. Yet it is always changing and there is vitality in its newness. So I visited places I had been before and saw some spots for the first time. And all of it was with massive gratitude.  Continue reading

Dreaming of DC

It is no secret that I love to travel.  But what is a secret is that soon I will be going to my favorite city in the world, Washington DC!  I didn’t actually go for the first time until I was 26 years old.  This was 1990 and I remember that I fell in love instantly.  I was also a bit guilty I hadn’t gone sooner.  In fact I recall thinking that it was a place every American citizen should visit at least once in their lives.  Continue reading

The French Connection

No doubt Ireland is my soul home.  But it is safe to say that France is second on the list of places I could live. I’ve had the good fortune to see some amazing sights there over the years….skiing the Olympic slopes of Val d’Isere, walking the stoney beaches of Nice in the South of France, perusing the lavender regions in Provence, tastings at wineries in Bordeaux, honoring the fallen soldiers at Omaha Beach in Normandy, and yes even a pilgrimage to Lourdes. But Paris is the place that keeps calling me back. Because let’s face it, it is the city of LOVE! Continue reading

My Heart is Melting for Malta

I speak often about Bucket List locations. That is because I have an extensive list and it is always evolving.  I tick things off and add more. I don’t ever want to tick off everything because that could only mean one thing.  And “done and dusted” isn’t a phrase I like to use when we are talking about “kicking the bucket”.   So I think that keeping the list flowing is a way to stay young, active and alive!  Every now and again an experience happens that is a surprise. It’s not on the bucket list, but afterwards I realize it was so special it should have been.  Malta is one of those places. Continue reading

Oh Thee, a Writer’s Life We Shall See

Probably the wackiest title ever made up for a blog post.  I’m not a poet and I know it!  However, it will all make sense!  You see, since living in the U.K. my Hubby and I have tried to take road trips here and there to learn more about some of the native writers.  We are avid literary fans and what better way then through the writer’s own eyes, seeing where they lived and worked, might we get an even deeper glimpse into their greatness!  If you love books and are planning a trip here you might want to stop by any of these four spots. Continue reading

Sweden’s Smorgasbord of Life

The last couple of months Yankee Doodle Paddy has been blessed with travel.  Though I have posted it on social media, I am finally getting around to sharing here on the blog. A little Tuesday Travel Treat for you!   And the country I want to tell you about first is Sweden.  While Hubby and I were in Stockholm once before for two nights back in 2009, I’ve always wanted to return. It is such a fascinating city!  And since my Hubby is an American of Swedish ancestry it is fun to see him light up in his “motherland”!  Recently he had to be there for work and I decided to tag along. And boy was I glad I did! Continue reading