Foodie Fieldtrip Friday: The Future’s So Brighton!

Yep the future’s so Brighton, I gotta wear shades!  A little take on an oldie but a goodie, but that song was in my head when I hit the laptop to share my latest gastronomic expedition with you.  It is hard to believe I have lived in London this long and never made the one hour train journey to Brighton on England’s south coast!  It’s been on my mind to do for ages, but various reasons have always circumvented the plans.  So I was delighted that this week’s Foodie Fieldtrip Friday allowed me to soak up some sun, listen to the crashing waves and indulge in total iconic Brighton Beach eats! Continue reading

Oh Thee, a Writer’s Life We Shall See

Probably the wackiest title ever made up for a blog post.  I’m not a poet and I know it!  However, it will all make sense!  You see, since living in the U.K. my Hubby and I have tried to take road trips here and there to learn more about some of the native writers.  We are avid literary fans and what better way then through the writer’s own eyes, seeing where they lived and worked, might we get an even deeper glimpse into their greatness!  If you love books and are planning a trip here you might want to stop by any of these four spots. Continue reading