Guest Blogger Month III: Post #14

Valentine’s Day….It is one of the most emotionally charged days. Some love it and go over board with the chocolates, flowers and cards. It is a big day for engagements and even weddings. For others, especially some who might not have a significant other in their lives, they dread this day. But not because they don’t have a “sweetheart” to give them the fancy chocolates in the heart shaped box. For some it is a reminder of loved ones gone too soon. But maybe, just maybe we can take that pain and turn it into something truly LOVING, such as a written tribute. Like today’s amazing Guest Blogger. Lindsey is a lovely friend from Dublin who is beautiful, bright and funny. But she has a deep well of emotion, and for good reason. Today is her father’s birthday. However, as for many years now, she won’t be able to celebrate with him in this earthly life. So until we all meet again, she honors him and of course most of all, continues to love him and all her departed loved ones…. Continue reading

Guest Blogger Month II: Post #14

Yep, it is here! The day the entire world says is the day of LOVE! While I am hosting a month long blogger series during February, I am trying to extend this global phenom with love for another 27 days. But in my world, love is each and every day and it is a blessing to celebrate! Whether you have a “romantic” partner or not, LOVE is what sustains us. Self love or love of family and friends, even pets as we have seen in some of our guest posts so far. Today’s Post #14 is the perfect LOVE story for Valentine’s Day. Some might even call it Galentine’s Day. When you read Ava Graham’s post you will see why.

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Guest Blogger Month: Post #14

It is actually here! Yes Valentine’s Day! The day known around the world as the day of LOVE! Yet, people don’t often realize it is a feast day for St. Valentine from Italy.  He was martyred on February 14th in 273 AD and let me tell you it’s not a pleasant story.  If you’d like to read how and why click here.  But another thing many people don’t know, even Irish folks, is that the relics and some blood of St. Valentine were placed in Whitefriar Street Church in Dublin back in 1836. They are still there and I’ve been to visit many times, in fact I was just there this past Sunday and lit candles.  Continue reading

Guest Blogger Month: Post #12

“When you lose someone you LOVE, you gain an angel you know”

This is one of my favorite quotes ever. I have to believe that somehow, someway, someday, we will be reunited with those we love dearly who have gone before us. And it is our love that keeps that invisible string tethered to them until that day.  Today’s author, Tracey from County Mayo in Ireland, shares a story that for me is indicative of the above quote. And to be honest, Tracey, like the previous eleven guest bloggers , as well as those to come, needed to share this story and we all need to hear it. So thank you for taking time to read them all and show your support. Continue reading