Recipe: Woman Crush Wednesday

Today is the 63rd Woman Crush Wednesday episode. It is hard to believe how many amazing female chefs I have honored and how many delicious recipes we have all gotten to try. As always, it is a recipe I have never made, and I recreate it live on Snapchat (username blissbakery). Today’s honoree is April Bloomfield. She was born in the U.K but now makes New York City her home. With several of the most successful restaurants in town, it is no wonder she has two Michelin Stars! Continue reading

Four Legged Gratitude



It is day 21 of #30daysofgratitude a Snapchallenge that I am hosting on my Snapchat  channel (username blissbkery).  I love seeing what everyone is grateful for each day.  It is nice that I am not the only one giving “props” to the four legged lovable creatures in our lives whom we call pets.  In fact I’ve already given thanks this month for Stella our sweet pit!   But today I have to pay homage to Jack, our Soul Dog, who passed away two years ago today after blessing us with fourteen years life. Continue reading

Recipe: Red Wine Braising and Tasting


While I was in Washington State visiting my family recently I still kept up the weekly Saturday Snapchat Cookreel takeover.  I’ve been meaning to share a post of one week in particular because it was pretty darn delicious!  I started out by making one of the best recipes of all time. These Red Wine Braised Beef Short Ribs are so easy and though they take a bit of time, are well worth it. You and your dinner guests will be thoroughly satisfied with this melt in your mouth, meat falling off the bone dish.   Continue reading