Get Behind the Green!


One, small, tiny Island nation has birthed over 70 million diaspora.  No matter their age, gender or socio-economic status, they have been called upon to stand together.  For the next month, Irish Rugby needs the support and prayers of their “green army” and this video is the equivalent to the Cherokee Indian War Cry or the  Braveheart Freedom speech.  I get tears in my eyes when I watch it.  And the drops the run down my cheeks are tinted green with Irish pride.

The first rugby match I ever watched was back in 2007 when I was a student at the Ballymaloe Cookery School.  I wrote about that emotional experience on the blog Karen In Cork.  It was an historic first meeting of the Irish and English teams in Croke park since 1921 when the British Army killed innocent spectators at a Gaelic Games Match.  Even the 6’6″ 250 lb Irish players were crying standing on hallowed ground listening to the Irish National Anthem.  You see, sports are indeed important to the Irish, but national pride goes hand in hand.

Within a year of moving to Ireland, my husband and I had become fans of Irish rugby since it was the most closely related to our favorite sport,  American style football.  However, the big caveat being that rugby players don’t wear pads or helmets!  Yikers!  That year, 2009,  we tensely followed what was an amazing Six Nations Win and first Grand Slam in 61 years.  Nice housewarming I’d say!  My hubby wrote about it on his blog, and if you click over you will see, not only is he a man of few words,  but gets to the point of why we love this sport!

The irony is that Ireland just won the Rugby Six Nations Championship this year.  In 2015,  after seven years, we were leaving our beloved home in Dublin and emigrating for work.  What a lovely send off indeed!  But the kicker is that the Rugby World Cup is being played here, in London, our new home!  However, we could use a bit of that, “Luck O’ the Irish” to be gettin’ us a wee ticket or two for a match!

We have had the fortune of attending live matches back in Dublin and delight in the energy and buzz.  However,  we are true fans and plan to be out in force at our “local” singing “A Soldier’s Song.”   We love you Ireland!  We are standing tall, heeding the battle call!  We’ll be waving the Tri-Colour and cheering you on!  You’ll just be able to hear us a bit better than the other 69,999,998 ‘cuz as fate would have it, we’re right here in the Big Smoke!  And that is what we pray you do…smoke all the competition and walk away victorious and proud!

Luck Maith,

Mr. and Mrs. YDP