When Your Heart Lives Outside Your Body


There is a phenomenon that has happened since the very first mother gave birth. Modern day scientists haven’t studied or researched it.  But it is legitimate.  Just ask any mother. From the moment she gives birth, her heart begins to reside outside her body. It feels differently than it ever did before.  Because her heart is now a part of her child. And as the child grows so does her heart, filled with LOVE for the greatest blessing she will ever receive.

But with that blessing surely comes pain, suffering, sadness and worry. When her child gets hurt on the school yard she feels it. When her child suffers bullying she wants to go defend. When her child gets their first crush she feels a twinge of blush, a giggle of excitement. But a mommy will still feel even when that child has grown into a 6’2″ man. It is an eternal condition that cannot, and in fact doesn’t want to be rectified. For as long as she lives she wants to have that feeling because it means she and her child are alive and their love for each other is what keeps the invisible cord tethered.

However, when that grown up baby is heading off to fight in a war, going into harms way, the heart hurts more than ever. A mixture of concern and anxiety mixed with a deep longing, knowing that months of no contact seems like torture. Yet how does one deal with this inevitable situation, which is part of the life of a military family?  Hope, faith and LOVE are the elements of survival in this special forces operation. While there are stretch marks on the heart from growing so big, it is the most beautiful thing to possess. And because that certain someone is so dear, there is bound to be a tear. Or maybe more. But that is okay, because that heart will always have it’s global positioning system. It is called M.O.M. There waiting with open arms!

Today is a very hard day for our entire family. My son left for his deployment. Not his first, but it doesn’t get any easier just because there have been previous ones. But I’ve allowed myself a day to feel the feelings , to reflect and to regroup. I watched our “Mother Son Dance” video (link below) and let the tears flow. And I will be prepping my deployment strategy to help me deal with these months in a positive and productive way.

And I will use the lyrics to the song, “I’ll Be There” to get me through.  The song played during the photo slide show while were were dancing the Mother Son Dance at his wedding. We watched pictures of the two of us through the years from when he was first born. Where does  the time go?

When you need picked up ’cause you fell down

Need a piggyback ride or a birthday clown

Need a song to take you to sleepy town

I’ll be there

When you need a coach or you need a fan

Need a castle built out of dreams and sand

Silver wings pinned on as you become a man

I’ll be there

I’ll be a heart mender

A prayer sender

A hoper and believer when it’s all up in the air

A strong and steady shoulder

I’ll be a secret holder

Anytime, anything, anywhere

I’ll be there

If you need someone who knew you when

Need a momma, a grandma, a wife’s best friend

As you look ahead ready to begin

I’ll be there

I’ll be there

I’ll be there

Mother/Son Dance 13/4/13

As the heart travels to far away and dangerous places I pray it is kept safe and sound. I pray the nine months pass quickly. And I pray all the moms out there feeling tired, grumpy or wishing for a moment’s peace from their children, could appreciate just a bit more how precious the time is while the kids are small.   Mother’s hold their children’s hands for a short while, but their hearts forever!

Motherly Love,


P.S. A special thanks to my Hubby for making the slide show and video for the Mother Son Dance. And thank you to Mark Vieha for reworking the lyrics, and producing the song for the video. xoxo