Before all my vegan and vegetarian friends delete this post, just hear me out. This is not a foodie related blog entry today.  In fact it is more of the spiritual nature. And it isn’t because of Stella’s recent passing or my dad’s anniversary that I am sharing this with you all now.  But it is a concept I have spoken of many times in public and private.  However, today I decided to dedicate this moment entirely to MEATSUIT!

What is a meatsuit? First I’ll tell you what it ISN’ isn’t the infamous outfit worn by Lady Gaga!

As humans we know that our life on this earth is temporary. And no matter how long we live, life is short.  Of course we go about our days planning for the weeks, months and years ahead not dwelling on death.  But the reality is the mortality rate is 100%.  At least the last time I checked, no one gets out alive.  For someone as happy go lucky as myself it seems so morbid to even type such a sobering thought.  And the thing is, when you hear about someone having a terminal illness,  in actuality we are all terminal.  Someone with a terminal diagnosis may know a time frame, but not the exact moment they will take their last breath.  However often when someone does get this kind of medical information, they start to take stock and value the preciousness of life.

So where does the meatsuit come in?  Well it is a nickname I have for our human bodies.  I tell myself when I am missing a loved one that they may not be here in their “meatsuit” but that I can still feel their spirit.  And I have even shared this concept with others when they are going through the pain of grief. These meatsuits we wear, our human bodies, are just the covering over our true essence, our SOULS!

Somewhere along the way society placed more emphasis on the meatsuit instead of the soul. Don’t get me wrong, I think it is important to maintain a healthy meatsuit. We need to eat right, exercise and all that jazz.  But when we take our last breath and the meatsuit is buried or cremated, it is our soul that people will hopefully remember.

If you have ever witnessed someone’s soul leaving their body you will likely understand this concept. Certainly for those who have gone to an open casket funeral, you know that it is just a body without the soul of the person.  It doesn’t really matter what your religion, or if you have no religious affiliation at all.  Even science tired to prove that the human body loses weight upon death, thus theorizing that the human soul weighs 21 grams.  There is a profound difference when someone’s life force is no longer inside their meatsuit!  But since I’ll have to wait my turn to find out what happens after, I will just have my own interpretation. Until then I will do my best to keep the meatsuit in working order.  Most importantly I aim to improve my soul each and everyday.  So when it is my time, my soul will be remembered long after I shed my meatsuit.

SOUL Love,


P.S. Okay, after writing this, I have to admit, I wish my dad was still here in his meatsuit. I would love one of his hugs right about now. You know the kind that is so strong and comforting that any sadness just seems to evaporate away. Yea meatsuits are missed for their purpose.  But our earthly purpose as humans is to share the LOVE in our souls with others. When shared  deeply, we can still remember things like awesome healing hugs such as my dads!

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