Jagged Little Pills

Well if you read my post from yesterday, I sure hope you didn’t place bets on the Oscar awards based on my picks. Yikes!  But nevertheless I am happy with my choice of films and stand by them.

Speaking of standing by, I have a post to share with you (below) that has been standing by in the DRAFT folder for months. It is a very personal story and I had considered not sharing it, or waiting for a better time, etc etc. But then I met a lovely lady through snapchat (my username is: blissbakery).  Her name is Sharon Leavy and she has a wonderful blog called “Behind Green Eyes“. She spoke on snapchat (her username is: sharonleavy) very candidly about the subject below.  It has inspired me to finally share my post with you. Thanks Sharon, you are proof of the positive affects of social media…sharing the love and being a support!  So glad to have met you!  Alright, here goes…. Continue reading