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Love KNOWS no bounds.  I’ll repeat that:  LOVE knows NO bounds!  By that I mean, all of us can experience it. Young or old, strong or weak, men or women, sick or well, feeling high or at our lowest, it doesn’t matter, ‘cuz love knows no BOUNDS.  If you watch commercials around Valentine’s Day they always show this perfectly curated sort of love.  Everyone looks pristine and happy, financially secure (of course, so you can buy those diamonds), and healthy.  However, often it is when we are none of those “Madison Avenue” creations that we need love the most.  Today I am sharing with you two amazing people who have been brave enough to come forward for the Guest Blogger Month of LOVE.  For Post #26 I am sharing the love stories of the beautiful Kerry and the lovely Paul. They have both had a rough go in life. They deal with health issues and yet still continue to love.  Part of that is because they have been shown love to them. When many in society run to the hills when someone suffers with mental illness or a physical disability, Kerry and Paul have angels in their lives to prove, yes LOVE exists!  I will share Kerry’s powerful love story first and let Paul reveal his after. And please, please, read these with a tender heart. Because one day surely we too will need one!

My Miracle Husband by Kerry

I met my husband 4 months after a very, very damaging relationship which almost killed me. I gave up on men as I had lost so much!  My hubby just turned 20 and I was turning 25.  He was so different.   I had never felt this feeling ever.  The only time I felt something similar was when I had my kids.  So I said to my mum “what does real love feel like?”.  She couldn’t answer so she just said it will probably feel like something you’ve never felt before.

David and I got together March 17th, got engaged 14th July and married 13th November 2010. Yeah, all in the same year!  People said it won’t last… give them 3 to 6 months.  His family hated me because I had children and had a past where I was at court for what my ex had done.   But through everything David was there!

I lost a son at 21 weeks pregnant.  He was named Charlie and my hubby helps me celebrate his birthday every year.  We lost 2 babies of our own, one at 7 weeks and then another at 6 weeks.   I was so scared, but we got pregnant again and had our son Jayden April 2012.   I went into depression and yet he was still there by my side fighting for me and with me.

He is now 28 and I’m almost 33.   He is my very best friend,  my soul mate,  my true love!   I found out what love felt like, what being loved back is like.  We have our debates and arguments, strops, etc. but if we didn’t have them we wouldn’t be so strong.   It’s these things that test you.

We have been through so much as social services took our son due to my mental health.  They told my husband to leave me and take our son.   He said in reply “NO and we will fight you’s together!”.   After almost 2 years of fighting and me with no confidence we had a children’s panel.   That was where we were told he should never have been taken away.  Now to hear that, well, it broke me in two.

I blamed myself as it was my illness that they used.   But not once did we give up and every time they brought me further down my husband picked me back up .  I still suffer to this day as I’ve no confidence.  I still suffer anxiety and depression and agoraphobia.  But it was proven it doesn’t stop me from being a mum.   Yeah I’m different as I can’t have days out etc. but I feed my child, I teach my child, I love my child!   He gets everything he needs from me and hubby.  I think I’m very lucky and blessed to have such a supportive husband.  He helps me to never give up.    I can’t ever imagine life without him and yet he tells me that HE is lucky!

A Different LOVE by Paul

I’m not much of a blogger but I’m interested to learn and want to be involved in the month of LOVE blog.
I am deaf and have dystonia tremors with rheumatoid arthritis. My tremors got worse after I was diagnosed of dystonia.  I’m on alot of medications. But I have found joy and love through people I have met at Comic Con.  If it wasn’t for Comic Cons, I would be house bound.  Mum is glad I go out to these places and make friends.
Through Comic Con I learned about cosplay.  I enjoy cosplay and made some amazing friends, which I now considered as my cosplay family.  Here are photos of me as Black cat & my cos-sister, Donna.  I got her permission to be included on this love sharing blog
My friend, Donna, who I consider as my sister makes me feel welcome.  As I’m an introvert, Donna, brings me joy and helps me to come out of my shell.   She is understanding and patient as a saint.   I enjoy spending time with her.
I have a carer named John who suggested me making my own cosplay outfits.  I took the challenge, though hand sewing takes me a long time.  I tried using a sewing machine but the fabric got stuck in it, broke the needle.  So I hand sown since that disaster day.  One side effect of all my medication is tiredness, so I do my sewing in the morning.
You’re probably wondering how do I manage my physical disabilities so I can continue to enjoy my love of Comic Con?   Well  I use a rollator to help me balance whilst walking.  But I manage.  Even with my deafness, I manage. I lip read. I write things down on my mobile to show the ticket office for trains. I use booking dot com to book holidays.  I am kinda of a Lone Ranger when traveling.  But I manage.  Some events are hard to get to due to Sunday train times, so my carer takes me.

Not everyone accepts me.   I have one sister, unfortunately due to my cosplay, she has blocked me on social media.  I don’t see her even though we live in the same town.  For me, love is forgiveness & letting her go.  It is hard.

 As for my Mum, though she doesn’t fully understand as to why I cosplay, though she did ask “why do you prefer dressing up as a girl?”  I explain I was challenged to  be Wonder Woman by my daughter.  I thought I give it a try, just for a laugh.  And was amazed at the friendly reception at Comic Con.  So I continued to do it.  Yes a few people laugh as I travel to Comic Cons wearing my cosplay.  In a way, I enjoy seeing people laugh as I see how it brightens up their day.  I join in a laugh too, also challenge them to have a photo with me.  A few men says “you got balls, mate, can I have a photo with you”.  “Yes of course you can” I always say.
Mum had her concerns but I assured her I just do it for fun.  Mum shown me love by suggesting what fabric I should use and tips on sewing.  She’s brilliant with sewing as she makes all sorts from dresses to quilting.  My step dad is an easy going personality.  Whilst we watch tv he says, “don’t get any ideas for cosplay” in a fun way.  My Aunt and Uncle say “I don’t understand what you do but I support you”.
I joined snapchat to connect with people around the world.  I met a  friend in New York who gives tours.  I’m looking forward to meeting her in October, when I go for the New York Comic Con which is my reasons for traveling there.  At the Comic Con I support artists and authors and purchase their products.  It is so fun. The cosplay community is like a family.  We see each other and hug.  I love having hugs.  It gives me a sense of love.  And being part of this blog month gives me joy. Thank you.

Thank you Kerry and Paul for sharing your LOVE stories.  They are so different yet share a common theme of love. I’ve always believed that even if we receive love from only one source it can be just enough to get us to that place of joy.   I am praying for both of you for improved health. And I send you lots of LOVE!  Thank you for trusting me with your heart.  I honor you and admire you for your strength. You’re inspirations and show the world that LOVE knows no bounds!

Know LOVE,


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