Guest Blogger III Debrief and Links

Well my dear Yankee Doodle Paddy Friends, we made it! Yes February, the Month of LOVE, has come and gone. 28 days and 29 posts and I for one feel more inspired, more energized and more connected. And connected is an important aspect of this Guest Blogger Series. We may come into this world alone and leave it alone, but it is utterly and truly about the connections we make along the way. To see these guest bloggers connect with each other, support and encourage each other has been amazing. And it is doubly awesome to see readers connect too, offering words of kindness through comments on here and social media. I’m in awe and blown away!

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Guest Blogger Month III: Post #28

Kim Boda is a force to be reckoned with my friends. She is a phoenix who has risen from the ashes and uses the lessons she learned to help others achieve inner peace. I feel so blessed I met her through Snapchat and am grateful she decided to share her LOVE story as Post #28 on Yankee Doodle Paddy’s Month of LOVE Guest Blogger Series. What follows is an excerpt from a magazine article that featured Kim, and then some of her own reflections. Hold onto your hat. This powerful lady speaks the TRUTH!

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Guest Blogger Month III: Post 27

Today is the penultimate day of the Guest Blogger Month of LOVE series. And it is great to have Ashley back on the blog for a second year. Her story last year is still a popular one as she is 100% honest, a true virtue in this day and age! This bubbly lady from Hawaii is a wonderful mommy and wife who takes her social media followers along with her on all her world travels. So I wasn’t surprised to see what this year’s LOVE story was about, as she has nearly every page in her passport stamped!

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Guest Blogger Month III: Post #26

“April showers bring May flowers” is a phrase I’ve heard often in my life. But today this phrase popped into my head for different reasons. It is Guest Blogger Post #26 and April is back again this year for the Month of LOVE. I’m so happy to have her sharing another LOVE story. If you’d like to read the powerful story she posted last year please click here. She is one of my amazing Snapchat friends who is so kind and supportive of others. And she and I  have discussed how important it is to have the support of others when we need it too. That is highlighted in today’s  emotional story….

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Guest Blogger Month III: Post #25

Hello and welcome back good friends! Today we have an amazing Guest Blogger! Erik is the #25 post in the Month of LOVE and participated last year as well. His LOVE story was like a blockbuster film. If you haven’ t read it, please click here for the link! Erik is a dear friend and collaborator of another guest blogger, Kim Fleck. In fact, I was lucky enough to recently be featured on their podcast series: Healing is in YOUR Hands! We talked about LOVE of course and also food. And who knew that Erik would be kind enough to not only write a beautiful story about his grandparents but also feature a recipe! This here foodie is very happy!

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Guest Blogger Month III: Post #24

One of my favorite things about the Guest Blogger Month of LOVE is the fact that all the other guest bloggers are so supportive of one another. I’ve seen them leave comments on here publicly or I have heard that they have sent each other private messages. Since I also promote the guest blogger series on other social media platforms,  I have seen guest bloggers retweet posts of their fellow guest bloggers and share on Facebook too. And I have seen them “Like” the Instagram posts and leave comments there. As I have always said, what is the purpose of “Social Media” if we can’t be social, and in my book, I believe that “social” would be interpreted as positive and supportive, which ALL of the guest bloggers have demonstrated. Today’s post, #24 to be exact, will be something a bit different. Since I had promised spots to writers and am still awaiting their stories (hey folks, it isn’t as easy as you think to write about LOVE) I have a day without a guest blogger. But a gap or void can always be put to good use. Spaces can always be filled! And I have just the idea! Continue reading

Guest Blogger Month III: Post #23

I love it when our best life teachers are those younger than us. Much younger, like kids or in this case a teenager. Today’s Guest Blogger #23 is the amazing, talented, beautiful, kind, brilliant and LOVING teenager named Sophia. Yes I am bragging, but that is because she is my niece. But even if she wasn’t, the truth is, she is always teaching those around her about what is important in life. I always learn from her and if you read her LOVE story you will too! She is succinct in making her point and her sage like wisdom will give you food for thought. You may not be on a cheerleading team, but likely you can put these tenets to use in the workplace or in your home. As Sophia prepares to graduate high school in May, she will leave behind many lessons, but mostly LOVE! Continue reading