The Reason for the Season

I just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! I hope wherever you are, that you are celebrating and enjoying the true meaning of this holiday time.  As much as I love all the hoopla, the pretty tree with lights, decorations, presents, stockings hanging by the fireplace, the amazing dinner with family and friends, sometimes those things aren’t possible. Be it finances, health or distance from those we love, we can’t always recreate the Hallmark card event. So in a simple way, on this special day, just taking a moment to say I LOVE you can be the best gift any one can receive.

Thank you for connecting with me by reading this blog. It means the world. I LOVE you!


Crafty Christmas

Tis the season to break out all the creativity. There are so many opportunities to decorate, bake, and make homemade pressies.  But not everyone is inclined to do it themselves. Time is one reason and another is talent. In our mind we might look at something on pinterest and think “oh I can re-create that” and it turns out nothing like the photo. They even have a whole webpage of “pinterest fails” which is sadly funny! Continue reading

Christmas Wishlist Cookbooks

Greetings from Stockholm, Sweden! If you’re not watching my Snapchat (username blissbakery) you’re missing out on a peek into this gorgeous city.  I’ll be posting all sorts of photos and recommendations another day.  But since it is Wednesday, my fav day of the week, I had to pop on and say hello. Though I won’t be able to do my usual Women Crush Wednesday episode today as I don’t have access to a kitchen for the re-creation of one of the chef’s recipes, I have another treat for you.  I am going to share my top ten list of Cookbooks for the foodie on your Christmas list.
While I have shared my love for the Flavor Bible on here before, this is the first time I’ve given such a comprehensive list of cookbooks, so take note! Continue reading