The ABC of YDP


No recipe today folks….but as you can see I’m a happy camper!  On this post I want to give you some ABCs of Yankee Doodle Paddy.  I suppose you might call it a disclaimer!  How to use this blog at your own risk!

A. APOLOGIZE: I need to apologize for the archaic website/blog. It is in its infancy so I aim to make it more user friendly. I am not a techy person as many of you know (but I can work miracles with pots and pans).  I don’t know a mega byte from a gigga byte,  all I know is that I want another bite of my dinner!  I am very foodie focused that’s for sure.  So you will see lots of that on here.  But I need to sort out tabs for recipes among other things. Rather than wait to get all the jigs and wheels together before I launched, I just decided to jump in the deep end.  I hope you will jump with me and we can hold hands while we do it!  I want to infuse you with enthusiasm for cooking!  Yet because I’m me, I couldn’t just do your basic everyday kinda food blog.  I had to incorporate stories…So until I navigate this and tease them out, if you see a post with “Recipe:” in front of it, then you know you will get a recipe.  Only thing is you have to read to the end (or scroll through if you don’t have time).  Sorry but until I get it all sorted, you have to kinda be an Inspector Gadget and sleuth out the recipes!

B. BALANCE I will aim to balance out the stories of my childhood (which can be a bit tough to read, but they always have a learning lesson) with some stories of life in London, my travels, my time in the entertainment biz (I know some of you want the goss) etc.  I also want to balance the stories so they make sense.  But just so you know, I won’t be telling things in a linear way.  Each new entry will likely jump around in time, but if you get confused just ask me!  And if there is anything you want to see or want to know, even kitchen tips please send me a comment.  I will work at balancing healthy recipes with some treats (‘cuz I do love my treats).  As well, I will be doing some cooking videos!!!  So watch this space!

C. CAVEAT Since caveat also means warning, here goes….

I am not a WRITER!  Living in Dublin for seven years I soaked up the lineage of great Irish writers. But that doesn’t mean I am one.  I am a “share-er” just sharing my story of healing from difficult circumstances by focusing my energies on cooking.

Also, I am not an EDITOR.  And I don’t have one on staff (‘cuz I don’t have a staff like some bloggers). ** (see below) So there are likely to be some mistakes. Therefore unless you are the Grammar Garda or the Punctuation Police, you’re gonna have to deal!  Or send me a note in the comments and I will fix the mistakes.

** My computer auto corrects to Irish/UK spellings, for example Colour not color etc. It does my head in to find and fix all of them. But my excuse for lack of continuity is that I am just doing a Yankee Doodle Paddy joining them up together, America + Ireland= Love.  Some spelled one way and some the other. No bother!

I am not a FOOD STYLIST.  During my five years as the Burger King “counter girl” on TV commercials I worked with many professional well paid food stylist and they do all sorts to make the food look pretty on camera..use toothpicks, spray glycerin etc etc. ! I am more about the taste, but I am working towards getting things to look more appealing I promise!

I am not a FOOD PHOTOGRAPHER. There are loads of them online doing amazing blogs with tons of great photos.  I use my iPhone mostly.  I try my best, but seriously my 4 year old granddaughter could probably take better pics.  But I have an amazing passion for food and cooking and if you take this journey with me you’ll see that no amount of perfect paragraphs, precise plating, or glossy pictures can match it!

I am not a PROFESSIONAL BLOGGER. This blog is here to help.  I’m not going to be getting paid for every click you make.  I don’t want anything from you, in fact I want to give to you!  If I can inspire you to cook more, enjoy life, heal from your past, be more kind, etc that is my purpose.  And if you know anyone that has survived child abuse/neglect, molestation, rape, divorce, serious illness, depression…please give them this web address. Everyone has a story, this is mine.  I can’t change it but I can channel it into something and for me that is LOVE!  And if that helps even one person in pain then maybe they can pass it along and help another!

ps. It’s a great day! When I got home from mass I went on my snap chat and found out I won something!  It was a contest for the best positive quote. Mine was a quote from Maya Angelou. I will be getting a treat in the mail soon. See positivity produces prizes!


Thanks for reading and being my YDPeeps! Lots of love,

YDP xoxo



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