Spooky Saturday Night!


When Halloween falls on a Saturday night you know it’s gonna be even more spooky and special than normal!  It also helps because then everyone has all day Sunday to recover before the new week starts.  And it is a time that the “big kids”, aka parents, can do some good quality control of the trick or treat candy.  Come on, we’ve all done it!  I mean, personally, it is the only time I actually get to eat my fav candy Snickers!  But I would always ask permission, with a pathetic looking face that my kids couldn’t resist of course.

A few years ago the U.S. late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel challenged his viewers to make videos of their kids’ reactions to saying they had eaten all their Halloween candy. The result, well hilarious, but also strangely sad.  And considering the Youtube video has been viewed nearly 55 million times, it was a success.  He has done it every year since and people still love to see the different responses of the kids.  Some are downright evil, spewing forth green venom like Linda Blair in the film The Exorcist.  And others are so kind and forgiving and tell their parent’s that they still love them. As I have seen every year’s version I am awaiting the one for 2015!

As the younger sister of two older brothers it was they, not my parents, that robbed my candy.  Plus they made me go out trick or treating well past my “sell by date” as I do believe there is an age limit when you should hang up the costumes.  But I’ve always looked younger than my age, so they would make me go even as a teen just so they could have free candy.  So at least I knew in advance I was only going to wind up with nothing, rather than these poor kids finding out after the fact (or in this case, get punked that it happened).

This October 31st is a special day for a few reasons.  A dear friend is arriving today from Dublin for the weekend.  I’m so excited to see her again as she was here two months ago.  We are going to see the musical Wicked tonight, a fun Spooky Saturday Night outing.  And today is a very special day as well since it is my daughter in law’s birthday!  Totally fun day to have a birthday don’t you think?  I love her to bits and am so grateful she is married to my son.  Here is a video my Hubby made for them which we showed the night before their wedding, at the rehearsal dinner. I thought I would share it since it’s her special day and it is a great reminder for me of what a devoted wife she is to my son.

So no matter what you end up doing today/tonight, have a fun time.  Be safe and sane!


No tricks only treats of love!