A November to Remember


November 1st!  Wow, where did the year go?  While most people are dealing with a sugar hangover today from all the trick or treat candy, some are already pulling out the Christmas decorations.  Lucky for me, November is a special month to savor and punctuate the calendar.  It is a month long break after Halloween before the Christmas chaos to reflect and remember.  November 11th is Veteran’s Day and with my family being a military one it is dear to me.  Also November 13th is my birthday and I’ll be 52 this year!  And my absolute favorite day of the whole year is Thanksgiving Day.  A holiday all about food, fun, family, friends, feasting and being THANKFUL!  Anything that has to do with gratitude is up my alley!

So today, I decided to post some appreciation for a few special people who also happen to be on Snapchat. They have inspired me in many ways, but particularly with their wonderful blogs.  Specifically, each of these bloggers has at least one story that literally made me stop, think and FEEL. These stories are open, vulnerable and honest. With so many folks in the blogosphere worried about what they post and its affects on “their brand” it is refreshing that these talented writers can use this medium for what it is intended. Not advertising (though I know for some this is a business) but to use this platform to make a difference in the world. We all have a story, and by sharing ours it will encourage others to share as well. That in turn creates an environment of Human Beings not Human Doings! Just click on each writers name to read these post on a wide range of topics which I believe will blow your mind and touch your heart!

  1. Sharon Leavy: This Irish mom of three writes the blog Behind Green Eyes. She coins it Lifestyle, Books and Beauty.  But the underlying personality of each post is completely her own, which I adore.  She is no nonsense.  And this post about social media bullying is  the most honest piece I’ve ever read about the subject. It is a sobering look at what can be the dark underbelly of our digital age. The good news is that any sort of negativity won’t stop her from sharing her talented self with the world! Go Sharon go!
  2. Rosemary Mac Cabe:  When Ireland was recently rocked by the news of a murder/suicide in a small village, there was one story that was so personal it had me in tears.  Rosemary is a well known Irish journalist with a great wit. But here she shares her own perspective on this grim topic. You will definitely be taken on a journey when you read this.  Rosemary has an amazing storytelling prowess that belies her “social media influencer” moniker. Because this lady is beyond a social media influencer, she is a force of nature surely to be reckoned with my friends!
  3. Penny: Though this English lass gained popularity on Buzzfeed’s 22 most horrendous breakups, luckily she’s now happily in a great relationship. But of all her stories on her blog, A Penny for Them, the one that blew me away was her personal account of debt clearance. To be so humble and honest about her financial struggles will surely help many others in the same situation. She is a lover of life and travel, which she shares through her posts. So certainly dealing with managing her cash flow is a regular challenge. But she maintains transparency throughout each entry and the blogging world is lucky to have her voice!
  4. Battlemum: While this Scientist/Mommy blogger lives in Wales, she is originally from Ireland.  Besides being an awesome photographer, Catherine shares a wide variety of parenting, travel and science on her blog.  But my favorite post was a very personal one about her reluctance to have a second child.  It is so hard to be vulnerable publicly as it seems someone might take offense to our opinions and feelings. Yet she eloquently spells out the pros and cons of adding to their family.  No matter what happens I wish her the best as the 2nd birthday of her blog approaches.  She’s my real life super hero!
  5. Kokolikes:  “The Deployment: The End” is a post I can’t read without crying.  It is so honest and gives an insight into what it is like to be a partner of someone in the military. As well, it wasn’t really the end. Yes it was the end of that deployment, but there have been others.  Hence, there are many posts on Koko’s blog about the military, but she’s also a fabulous foodie fashionista.  I’ve talked about her before because I love her so much.  She just so happens to be married to my son.  And my heart hurts not just for me as a mother of a son who is currently deployed, but it hurts for her too. Yesterday was her 31st birthday and she wasn’t with her husband and soulmate.  While she knew when they got together what she signed up for, it doesn’t make it any easier.  But I am so thankful for her as I know my son wouldn’t be able to make it through without her support.  And one of the ways she copes is by writing honest reflections of her experience, which I am sure helps others in similar situations. .

So there you have it, five awesome blog posts that have touched my heart and inspired me in a myriad of ways.  The quote “The pen is mightier than the sword” is so true in many circumstances.  In the blogging world, I believe the keyboard too has the power to hurt or heal.  And the later is what I hope to do on Yankee Doodle Paddy as these awesome writers are doing in their virtual corners as well.  I LOVE them all and hope you give these bloggers a little love too in this month of thankfulness!

With LOVE and appreciation,



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  1. I meant to say on here a big heartfelt thank you for including me on this list Karen. You know you’re my Snapchat hero and I’m so lucky to know you and have met you in person xx

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