When people hear TMI they might think of the acronym “Too Much Information”.  It is true some people share TMI, telling near strangers things better left unsaid.  But I have some TMI for you and it is info you need in your life!  Especially if you are on Instgram.  My version  of the acronym is called:  Tuesday, My Instagrams.  I’m talking about the Instagrammers on my feed that I like to follow!

I have been running a Snapchallenge for the month of November called #30daysofgratitude which I mentioned on here before. There will be many ways in which this will manifest itself in my life.  I already shared on here my appreciation for some awesome bloggers’ posts. Today I want to share some LOVE for another group from the virtual world, on the social media phenom called  Instagram.  I only joined a couple of years ago at the urging of my daughter.  She said that it would be easier if I joined so I could see pics of my granddaughter instead of my daughter having to email pics all the time.  For the first couple of years I was on it, I was on private settings.  Which meant no one really saw my pics apart from my daughter.

But last year she asked me to go public on my Instagram account (username: blissbakery) to help her with a national public media campaign about Down Syndrome.  And I never went back to private again.  The good news is that I have widened my reach of those I follow and interact with and who also see my page.  I am not a photographer or designer so my pics aren’t fantabulous, but they are ME, my food, travels and family!  However, some that I do follow are out of this world schamazing and today I want to show my gratitude for their inspiration:

  1. Skinny Irish: Flat our funny, just like all the witty Irish I know
  2. Lovin Dublin: Food, Fun and awesome pics of Dublin with lots of Irish Pride
  3. Dleacht: Always beautiful photos of design, home furnishings, or travel.  But this Irish lass living in Toronto has the biggest heart I know. She is the most supportive person of others on social media
  4. I Have This Thing With Hearts:  Need I say more?  One of my  favs things in life are hearts and that is what this account is all about, and I just can’t get enough
  5. Mary Bull: This lady shares a different quote each day and they are all spot on inspo
  6. Cliona Hill: This young Irish lady is one of my favs.  Her Instagram photos show clean lines and clever design with makeup and fashion.  Her talent has helped increase her social media presence.  But I love her kind and friendly demeanor.
  7. Rhianamygdala:  We met through Cookreel but I quickly became a devotee.  I eagerly await her food posts each day so I can ceremoniously lick my mobile phone screen.  I am a heat seeking missile to anything this woman posts as it always looks delish. PS she is a super wonderful human being too!
  8. Sami Tamimi: A self taught cook who has become one of the UK’s most successful chefs.   I just love Sami’s observations of everyday life as well as the beautiful food from the restaurant Ottolenghi, his biz baby with Yotam Ottolenghi.  I have spoken of them on here on many occasions. Sami is lovely and very positive.
  9. David Maguire I check in with David to see his latest pics of the Emerald Isle and he never disappoints.  Beautifully and lovingly captured these are the kind of snaps that get me through my homesickness!
  10. InHerChucks And last but not least I must give props to the lady who got me into Instagram to begin with and keeps me going on it. She has an amazing photographic eye and knows how to slap on some awesome filters too!  She posts family pics but also food and travel.   Thanks to my daughter Heather aka Inherchucks. I LOVE her so very much!

So go check out these wonderfully inspiring Instagram accounts. I have many more I could recommend and may do just that at some stage.  But this is a good place to start!

LOVE!  Which is always good information to know whether a Tuesday or not!


P.S. I actually have a second Instagram account @yankeedoodlepaddy which is ONLY food. I started it just a year ago when I started the blog. I figure there may be some out there that are only interested in food pics, which is what that one is all about.