Guest Blogger Month: Post #17

This Guest Blogger series here on Yankee Doodle Paddy has been a wonderful way to meet some new folks and learn more about old friends.  I’ve gotten lovely emails, humbly written, asking if I’d be willing to post their love stories. Often they are apologetic for their lack of writing skills or other things.  But I am so happy people are getting on board with the month of LOVE and truly touched at the amazing stories. Today’s author, Melanie from Northern Ireland, has an amazing real life miracle to reveal and it’s perfectly poignant, like life…Bitter sweet!

miracle of love

miracles mean different things to different people. some believe they belong in the bible. some see them when their children are born and some when their lives are saved from accidents or disasters. a lot of people i know believe that they aren’t religious but i always think that if it came down to it and something really big happened that they would pray to god for help. the miracle i witnessed, wasn’t the miracle that id hoped for but it was a miracle none the less, it was watching my father live for 12 whole days and nights without food, water or medication when he was given 72 hours at most. amazing the medical team and anyone else who saw him. sometimes when people die, their loved ones don’t get a chance to say goodbye. those 12 days gave us that time. gave us time to right wrongs. time to love. and witness love. gave us an opportunity to bond. to comfort. to share. to be thankful. to be better people and to be there for someone in need. without a doubt the most horrendous days of my life, but 12 days that will never be forgotten. 12 days where i watched my brothers turn into men. 12 days where i had unconditional support from my beautiful wife. 12 days where she gave up the comfort of a bed to lie on a hospital floor to make things easier and allow us more sleep. 12 days where i watched a man turn to nothing. 12 days lived against the odds.. 12 days i’ll always be thankful for. a modern day miracle…

i am a 37 year old mother to the beautiful brooke who is 6 years old. i live in ballymena, northern ireland. we have 2 dogs, ellie and roxy, i am married to mel. i love to travel, read and meditate. i have been vegan for 39 days after signing up for veganuary. we regularly caravan in our tourer.

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Wow thank YOU Melanie for sharing that love story! What a miracle indeed!  And an honor to have your precious moment in your family’s life remembered here in the month of LOVE on Yankee Doodle Paddy.  I hope anyone reading this might reflect on what it must have been like for Melanie and her family and send some support her way.

And anyone reading this who might be a bit shy like Melanie was to raise a virtual hand to participate in this Guest Blogger series, please consider it!  Melanie’s piece was previously published on her own blog a couple years ago. But she was inspired to dust if off and share as a couple other authors have. That is wonderful as you don’t have to write a whole new post just for the month of LOVE. The main thing is when you share something from your heart it will indeed speak to others.

Miracles and LOVE,


P.S. You can reach me by leaving a comment below or email at: [email protected] to submit a love story!

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