My Bite of the Big Apple

Though I left New York over a week ago, I wanted to post a round up of the visit there before too much time passes.  Having lived and worked in New York for three years and to go back there again as a tourist was a unique experience unto itself.  While it is a city with a personality like no other, it is steeped in history and rich in culture. Yet it is always changing and there is vitality in its newness. So I visited places I had been before and saw some spots for the first time. And all of it was with massive gratitude. 

I had a list a mile long of things I wanted to do in the Big Apple.  When I left on a train from NY Penn Station headed for DC I felt that I barely made a dent in that list. Which means I will just have to go back soon! But here in photos are some of the highlights.  Of course food, being my passion, was top of the list, so I got some good eats!  I’ll provide links at the end of this post to all the treats I tasted in case you’re interested.

Had the  BEST cookies ever at Levain Bakery on the upper west side of Manhattan
I finally tasted the Crack Pie from Milk Bar Bakery part of the Momofoku restaurant in Midtown
Went back to the West Village for the original Magnolia Bakery cupcakes! Still as delicious as I remember!
Yes I had something besides sugar! And when in NY it is essential to have a bagel. This is always in the top five of best bagels in Manhattan. I ordered the “signature” on an everything bagel!
One Girl Cookies in Dumbo is famous for Whoopie Pies. I had to try the pumpkin, but first a handmade turkey sambo!
I’ve ordered online from Dylan’s Candy Bar but was so excited to finally go in person. This multi level candy paradise on the upper east side had me in a blissful sugar coma. And these chocolate covered marshmallows were awesome!
Because let’s face it, a trip to NY would not be complete without the old stand by Dunkin’ Donuts! My little treat for the train ride!

People are as important to me as food. So just because I showed you some tantalizing treats first doesn’t mean I think any less of these amazing folks! I had the pleasure to meet in person a few friends I adore on Snapchat. Hubby and I had drinks with Brandon and his brother Matthew at Lantern’s Keep Bar in the Iroquois Hotel. It was beautiful and they are the nicest guys you’d ever want to know! I hope it was only the first of many meet ups. As well I finally met Irish lass Lorna of LC’s Closet for a quick cuppa in her neck of the woods, the super trendy Dumbo. And a surprise meet and greet with Supermodel Heidi Klum!

Brandon (left) was one of my Sunday Spotlight Snap Sistas. He and his brother Matthew (right) shared their culinary creations on Cookreel Snapchat takeovers as did I.
Lovely Lorna is a fellow Irish blogger. Her blog is a breath of fresh air just like she is! I knew we’d have to meet if I ever visited NY. And a trek out to Brooklyn was super fun and surreal! Can’t wait to go again!
Yes, that is the famous Heidi Klum there on the left. Hubby, looking very delighted, is on the right. We were lucky to be invited to her book signing party at BookMarc in the West Village.

Besides eating and visiting, I got to see new places! I’ve never watched Sex in the City, but since I was in the West Village to stop by Magnolia Bakery, I went to the famous brownstone apartment on Perry Street that featured in the show. It was where Carrie Bradshaw was often filmed on the front steps.

While I posted all of this on my Snapchat (username blissbakery) it might be fun for you to see on here too. Because there is an actual GEO tag filter for the apartment!

I spent a lovely day walking the city from midtown to the upper west side. A stop along the way at the world renown  Lincoln Center, where I saw my first opera (Tosca). Many trips there over the years have included shows Fiddler On the Roof, Handel’s Messiah at Christmas, and of course the American Ballet Theater.

Yep, even Snappy the Snapchat HQ mascot came along to NYC. And a pic in front of the Lincoln Center fountain was a must!

It was a sad visit to the Dakota Building where its most famous resident John Lennon was gunned down. Across the street in Central Park is the sacred Strawberry Fields memorial for him.

I went back to the New York Public Library Main Branch and Grand Central Terminal both looking as awesome as ever! Two of New York City’s most iconic landmarks.

This library has been the setting for many famous films including Ghostbusters!

And I took my first solo subway trip in NY to my spend my first day ever in Brooklyn. It was amazing.  Especially walking back to Manhattan over the East River on the Brooklyn Bridge!

It is understandable that New York has a reputation as an expensive city.  But crossing the Brooklyn Bridge on foot is free and fun! A must do activity for anyone visiting!

Traversing one of the world’s greatest cities by foot isn’t a difficult task. One of New York’s five boroughs, Manhattan, is only 13 miles long and 2 1/2 miles wide.  Walking is great for exercise, sightseeing and a way to save money on transportation. Plus there are fab photo opps. While it was too overcast and cloudy during my stay to go up to the top of the Empire State Building or the Top of the Rock  I did see Rockefeller Center.  Where the famous Christmas tree usually stands, they had a gigantic ballerina.  Hubby and I spent our anniversary morning at St. Patrick’s Cathedral and I enjoyed taking in some HOPE and LOVE on my daily outings.

I’m a total geek as I love old fashioned maps. This one of Manhattan is so easy to follow. The Streets run east and west and the Avenues run north and south. Pretty hard to get lost here!

Until next time, I heart you New York! LOVE,


P.S. As promised here are links to must taste treats in NY

Levain Bakery

Milk Bar

Magnolia Bakery


One Girl Cookie

Dylan’s Candy Bar

Dunkin’ Donuts




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  1. I love looking at all these photos again for a second time because I’d already forgotten all the great places you ate at! AND that you met Heidi Klum! This is one reason I love blog posts. They can be like a scrapbook of memories. 🙂

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