Guest Blogger Month III: Post #17

“Every day is a new day” as we have all heard. And within each day we have the chance to be surprised. Last year that happened to me when I received a message on social media about my Converse shoes. Well, to be honest, they weren’t mine as such, they were “hand me ups” from my daughter. But I loved wearing the Irish green “chucks” so much! A lovely man named Pierre messaged to say he admired my Converse and to tell me that he also posts photos on social media of others with wearing theirs. Then the biggest surprise of all was when Pierre, who I found out was an artists, did a portrait of me as a gift.  We’ve kept in touch and during this Month of LOVE Guest Blogger Series, he agreed to submit a love story, so let me introduce to you a super cool kind soul…

Hi there! My name is Pierre and I am 31 years old and live in Missouri.  I’m an artist with Autism. I am a big movie buff and a Converse fan. Back in 2017 my greatest inspirational moment was when I did a viral video by Special Books. I met up with Christopher Ulmer, the guy behind this wonderful organization. He interviewed me. He asked me questions about my art, my accomplishments and my movie release day skills. In return, I gave him a portrait. It was my way of saying thank you for interviewing me. A few days later, the viral video was posted on Facebook and Youtube and I’ve received a lot of friend requests and commissions.

After that video was posted, I met Kelly Lee. She is an executive director at this local organization called Camp Encourage. She asked me to come volunteer at the camp site. That meeting changed my life and I am so happy to have a friend like her.

To me LOVE is like a best friend who is always waiting to see you every day. The people who have shown me love over the years are my mother Margaret, my friends Kelly, Wes, Stacy, Emily, Meg and William.

When I do my artwork, I feel powered with LOVE and very relaxed!

Please connect with Pierre…

Facebook:  Pierre.owens2

Instagram: owenspierre81

Twitter: PierreOwens

YouTube: Pierre Owens link:

This is the lovely portrait Pierre made for me. My fav part is the heart on top of the cupcake!
With the Mayor

With Christopher

Thank you Pierre for your inspiration. I can see why you are so loved by so many. A talented artist and beautiful soul! Keep on “chucking” along with those Converse and may you continue to LOVE always!

artful LOVE,


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  1. Pierre, you are fabulous! As a fellow artist and a huge fan and wearer of Converse (of all colors), I think you are a true inspiration. Keep shining your light, sharing your art and spreading your love.

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