Holy Mary Mother of God!

That’s right, that is the title of this post. “Holy Mary Mother of God” there I said it.  I’m sure you have heard people make this exclamation before.  Or maybe the other one that is in popular use, “Jesus, Mary and Joesph!” I bet there was a lot of that flying around today, as the social media world was literally paralyzed.  Why?  Because of all things Snapchat was on the fritz.  Not all of snapchat’s abilities (you could still send a photo) were crippled the whole day. But the video aspect was completely down.  Like, all day long!  As I write this, it is still down with no explanation, even after numerous messages to customer support.  The topic was trending on twitter:  #snapchatdown.  While some were going through withdrawals, I experienced  frustration myself, which is actually ludicrous.  I am the most non tech person you’d ever meet.  It’s true, it wasn’t that long ago my son had to give me an emergency tutorial over the phone of how to send an email with an attachment!  So here’s me now, doing a blog, instagram, twitter and SNAPCHAT!  And then I get a head wreck when snapchat doesn’t work?!  I mean I had important things to say on there today!

The truth is that yesterday was a massive day in my little snapchat land. After the super fun Mancrush Monday for Marty Whelan, between his on air reading of my email and fellow snap chatters giving me a shout out, I had a phenomenal amount of new subscribers (not sure that is even how you say it).  So of course today when I went on to do a video about a free give away I’m hosting, it wasn’t working.  I just assumed it was me and my inability to navigate the thing.  Come to find out there is a system error, glitch whatever you want to call it.  The “could not send, please try again” notice that kept appearing was not my friend today!  So, I hope it is up and running tomorrow is all I can say, or else you will see a grown woman cry!  Cuz tomorrow is Woman Crush Wednesday my fav day of the week!

But then, as I do when I get a little worked up, I had a think and decided to regroup.  It’s not the end of the world, right?!  So I went to midday mass, which as fate would have it is a feast day in the Catholic Church for Our Lady.  That’s right, the Holy Mary Mother of God one!  I also discovered that a short recorded interview (click here) that I did a while ago about Mary, was posted online today, on this feast day.  So I thought, well, maybe I could do a Tuesday Crush day on The Blessed Virgin Mary!  Seriously, I’m not trying to be sacrilegious here.

I mean, the whole time we lived in Ireland, I remember how empty the churches would often be on Sunday mass, apart from any days dedicated to Mary.  Those were always packed!  As well, one of the few Marian Shrines in the world is located in the West of Ireland in Knock, Co. Mayo.  I’ve been several times myself.  It is actually located half way between my relations on my Grandpa’s side in Galway, and the others on my Grandma’s side in Sligo.  I do think the Irish have a fondness for Mary.  It could be because it is a wonderful family oriented culture that is centered around the Irish Mammy.  And we know that the most popular Irish girls’ name is in fact Mary!

Outside of Catholicism, a devotion (we don’t call it a worship) to the Virgin Mary is unheard of really.  But I think it is a lovely aspect of the church.  Especially if you listen to my interview you’ll see that for many people, especially those that have had no mothers, abusive, or neglectful mothers like I did, Our Lady offers a maternal hope and comfort.

In Ireland on many street corners and in housing estates, you see Mary statues.  I don’t see them in America, except maybe inside a Catholic church.  And they aren’t anywhere around in the U.K either, except funny enough, there is one outside our little parish church here in London.  I thought it looked so pretty one evening I had to take a picture.  I remember my husband saying, you’re not going to put that on your snapchat are you?  I hadn’t planned on it.  But I think what he meant was maybe some who watch my snaps might be offended.  It is so funny, but coming from America, we have been very sensitized not to offend anyone, to be politically correct at all times.  Don’t discuss politics, religion or money in mixed company we are taught.  Yet, I could tell you about some of the things I have seen on snapchat and you just might think they lie smack dab in the “offensive” column.  But a picture of Mary?  Maybe, it might offend some.

I am not posting this story today to offend anyone in any way.  If you’ve been reading along with me thus far you know all I want to do is spread love.  That is my purpose in life.  I happen to be blessed with a talent and passion for food and use my chef skills to pour love into my cooking.  But I am also a very authentic person.  I am who I am.  And you are who you are.  I would never attempt to put my beliefs on anyone.  But when people discover the atrocities I survived in my life, they wonder how did I do it.  And it is simple, my faith.  For some people they need to hear that.  Otherwise they walk around thinking I had a magic wand and poof!

This past summer I stayed with my daughter and her family as she was about to give birth to her second child.  I adore my four year old granddaughter and we were inseparable while I was there.  When I would put her to bed at night she wanted to say prayers together.  I would say the “Hail Mary” prayer as it is one of the ones I like to say.  Then one night when my daughter was putting her to bed Harper said, “Mommy, aren’t we gonna pray to Mary” and my daughter said, “We don’t pray to Mary.”  Though my daughter was christened as a Catholic, she attends a Christian church.  And why I bring this up is that I am delighted she has faith in her life.  But it is her own relationship with God not mine.  I don’t judge it.  How she chooses to raise her daughter as well is her choice.   And there are no hard feelings.  My daughter nor I are offended by any of this.  Yet, we as human beings in this world, become offended by others’ religions or even a mention of their church family.  However, we are numb to people discussing their bedroom habits with whomever or whatever to strangers?

So, bottom line is, chill out folks!  Snapchat will be working again.  And I am still the same person I was before.  With my bad singing, bad dancing and great recipes on offer.  I just want to have fun and spread some love.  Only I may have a slightly different take on the whole phrase, “Holy Mary Mother of God”.


With Christmas just 17 sleeps away, I want to share a little “funny” with you.  My son said to me one day when he was about 5 years old, “Hey mom, guess what? I know what Jesus’ last name is.” I said, “Really, what is it Hun?” Then enthusiastically he said, “It’s CHRISTMAS, cuz his mom’s name is Merry CHRISTMAS!”

I love you guys, and thank you for letting me be me!  No offense!


P.S. If you do fancy a listen to my short interview (it’s about 2 mins) click on the link and scroll down a bit where you will see “Today’s Something About Mary” and there is a little arrow you click on to hear it. Or else, you can read a short written synopsis there as it has my name “Karen” by it.