My Heart is Melting for Malta

I speak often about Bucket List locations. That is because I have an extensive list and it is always evolving.  I tick things off and add more. I don’t ever want to tick off everything because that could only mean one thing.  And “done and dusted” isn’t a phrase I like to use when we are talking about “kicking the bucket”.   So I think that keeping the list flowing is a way to stay young, active and alive!  Every now and again an experience happens that is a surprise. It’s not on the bucket list, but afterwards I realize it was so special it should have been.  Malta is one of those places.

Hubby had a work conference there and asked me to join him.  He has asked me to go to many places in which I haven’t been able to because of work,  family commitments or health reasons.  But I decided to go on this trip.  It was only three nights but boy I wish it had been longer. What a fabulous country and guess what?  I am looking forward to returning in a few months, please God!  So this is only part one of my missive on Malta.

Malta is a small island archepeligo nation with only 400,000 residents. It is located south of Sicily in the Mediteranian Sea. It is 90% Catholic and very family oriented.  Most local people speak English because Maltese isn’t a language many tourist would know.  It is the friendliest country and the people made us feel so welcome there. Our first meal upon arrival was at the picturesque Harbor Club overlooking the water.

One of the men Hubby was working with brought me local cheese, a jar of capers, sea salt and other traditional foodie treats. And the traditional Maltese cookie or biscuit (biskuttini)  is the perfect nibble with a nice cup of coffee.


The physical surroundings of the island are beautiful and it’s very affordable. The weather is gorgeous year round and it has some amazing sightseeing opportutnities. We visited several of them and I would highly recommend these three:

St. John’s Co Cathedral which is home to Italian painter Carravagio’s works. This ornate church will delight your eyeballs with beauty!

Mdina the Old Capital City high on top of a plateau. This is so rich in history, one aspect is that it was the place Paul the apostle stayed when he got shipwrecked off the coast of Malta. In fact on Feb 10th there is a national holiday in recognition of the shipwreck.

World Unesco Heritage Ancient sites or Megalithic Temples of Malta which remind me of the Newgrange site in Ireland or Stonehenge in England as it is an archeologists dream. These are stone structures built some 3000 years BC that are believed to have been used for some religious ceremony.


What I loved about the sightseeing is that everywhere you look you see color.  The doors, the floors, even the street art is eye popping. The food was delicious, fresh and yes colorful as well. And the stunning coastal waters are numerous shades of blue!

We flew British Airways and it was quite affordable and only 2 hours from London. We stayed at a lovely Formation House which was only 60 euro a night for two including meals. We rented a car, again budget friendly and a better option for transport than using a taxi or bus.

I must say I love the culture and beauty of Malta so much that it not only surprised me, but caused my heart to melt!  I can hardly wait to go again and see some other places that we missed.  As well, I want to learn more about the unique artisan creations made there such as the beautiful glassware I admired.  So until then, “addiju” which is goodbye in Maltese!

imħabba (LOVE),


P.S. contrary to urban legend, these little candy treats are not related to Malta in any way!