Guest Blogger Month II: Post #12

I realize this is Post #12 of the Guest Blogger Month of LOVE, but I could also title this one Monday Motivation.  Why?  Because today’s author is Nicola Feustel and she is one of the most motivational people I have ever met.  Well, technically we haven’t met in person yet, but we have a date in our diaries. She too lives in London and is a personal fitness coach, with emphasis on Body Positivity and Health at Every Size.  One of the things that is important in the BoPo movement is honesty and acceptance. When you read Nicola’s LOVE story you will get the sense that this woman embodies both those words.

What is Love?…
Love can hurt, love can heal.
Love can make your world go round.
Love can steal.
Love is your children growing inside your womb.
Love is the comfort of being the little spoon.
Love can break up a beating heart
Love can pay for a shopping cart.
Love can knock you off your feet
Love can make you forget to eat.
To give love is a powerful gift
To show love is a vulnerable kiss

I’ve seen love, I thought I knew love. I had love and yet I fell into NEW love.

A stranger walks into my life like a soul mate I’ve met before.

We understand each other from the deepest level and we both make each other feel secure.

I want nothing more than to be with this man, yet my family and friends will never understand.

Divorce. Heart break. Tears and fears.
They think I’m throwing away the last 11 years.


I can see a future I never knew could be. I can’t live my life for anyone but me!

It’s time mum, sister and wife,  became the woman that she control of her own life.

Sadly people will get hurt which is the down side to going against the grain.
But I stand by my decision to follow love and learn to dance in the rain.
Nicola pictured with her two amazing daughters
Nicola and I became friends through Snapchat and she recently participated in my #30daysofgratitude challenge. She has an amazing podcast channel discussing powerful topics and her voice is one I could listen to all day!  One podcast in particular she recites a poem she wrote called “My Poem of Recovery”.  She talks about how she successfully moved from hating her body to loving her body. The journey wasn’t easy, but she chose a healthier road than the previous one she was on, the road of REAL health!  I have no doubt that the issue she discussed in her LOVE story will be another challenging journey. But Nicola isn’t afraid of challenge. Because she understands the most important aspect is to love yourself so that then you can love others!
Thanks Nicola for your openness and wisdom which you not only impart in your story but also in every day interactions.  You are a gift to this world!  I look forward to finally meeting up in person for a long awaited hug!  Until then keep hugging those gorgeous daughters of yours!
F.L.Y. love,

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