February Guest Blogger Month

As we begin a new month, Yankee Doodle Paddy is also welcoming back one of the most popular series to hit the blogosphere.  Last year for the first time ever, during the month of February, I hosted a series of posts with guest bloggers.  One guess on the theme?

People assume that because this is the time Valentine’s Day occurs that the month is really about romantic love.  That’s what the greeting card companies, flower shops and chocolate manufacturers want you to believe.  However, there are so many other levels, variations and manifestations of love.   As I shared in my post called “The LOVE Enthusiast”, there are in fact five love languages.  While I may talk about this topic of LOVE all the time because it is my purpose in life, I thought it would be nice to hear from other people in this blogging and social media community what love means to them.

During the next 28 days, I will post stories sent to me from young and old, bloggers and non bloggers.  Some may be long and some may be short, in fact there may be a poem or two or maybe just photos.  I’m  still receiving entries now but as of today you and I will embark on a great journey together.  Since LOVE is the universal language, let the conversation begin!  Let’s share, support and encourage one another.  Love doesn’t cost a thing and yet it is the most needed resource in the world today.

So what does LOVE mean to you?  You are welcome to send me a message if you’d like the chance to share a story during this guest blogging series.  It could be about yourself, a family member, a pet or your favorite pair of boots.  Why do you love them?  How has love changed you?  When do you feel most loved and where do you see love in the world?  These are just a few prompts to get you thinking and perhaps it may trigger that warm glowing feeling inside.  If you write from your heart, then when someone reads it, chances are they too will feel that warm glowing feeling!

I realize many bloggers are bound to an editorial calendar of reviewing products etc.  This is a chance for them to write outside of that box about something with a different sort of passion.  And there are others that don’t have a blog or writing platform, yet have so much to share with the world.  As I said in my blog post, “The Story That Must Be Told” we all have a story.  The only guideline for this guest blogger month, is that those stories must somehow tie into the theme of LOVE!  If you want a peek at last year’s amazing stories click here. I am so excited to see what is in store this year! .


I am not a wealthy person, but I am rich in LOVE! And I share whatever I have.  Now, I am sharing with YOU my little corner of the internet.

With LOVE,


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  1. I’m looking forward to reading this year’s guest posts! I LOVED being a part of it last year, & discovering so many wonderful stories! ❤

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