Happy 4th of July


Like Thanksgiving, the 4th of July is such a wonderful American holiday.  It isn’t about religion or buying the perfect gift.  It is about celebrating all things red, white and blue with family and friends.  Mostly people BBQ, watch parades, picnic, attend baseball games, eat ice-cream, swim, watch fireworks, etc.  It is all about FUN and FOOD!  My two fav things!


I’ve celebrated this holiday in Chicago, California and New York as I have lived in all three places.  I celebrated in Georgia three years ago at my son and daughter in law’s, and last year in Washington state with my daughter and son in law.  And of course I celebrated many Independence Days (as it is also known) in my home in Dublin, Ireland. But this is the first year I have celebrated here in London, England.  It will be strange for sure!  Especially since the United States was founded by the many people who left England for freedom and a new land.


But I must say that two years ago was a very special celebration. It was the first time the company I worked for decided to honor the American tradition. Since so many Americans live in Ireland, and indeed so many Irish live in America, there is a certain kinship.  And so the owner of the company let me decorate the shop I managed (a fresh gourmet foods store) and invite all our neighbors and customers to come celebrate with us.  We had a BBQ, a coloring contest for the kids, played games, did face painting and of course had all sorts of red, white and blue themed desserts. But the best was the Son’s of St. Patrick Men’s Glee Club that I was lucky enough to have come perform in the shop.  I still get chills watching this video.

No matter where you are today, whether you celebrate this holiday or not, I just want to wish you a Happy 4th of July.  It is an important day on the calendar that to me, reminds all of us that freedom isn’t free.  It is a privilege and a blessing.  And I for one am very grateful!


Love and may the fourth be with you!


P.S  Here is a great recipe I have shared before (click here) for some rice krispie treats on a stick. Only I made these perfectly patriotic for today!