My Cheerleader


Everyone needs a cheerleader in life.  Someone who picks you up when you are down.  Someone who supports you if you get weary while working towards your dreams.  Someone who does flips when you finally score.  That person could be a family member,  friend or soulmate.  But if you are lucky enough, that person is all three in one.

I never had a cheerleader before, but I was pretty good at being one myself.  I love it!  True I was never a “real” cheerleader, you know the kind with pom poms from high school or college days.  The cool girls on campus who dated the football players?  Growing up we could have never afforded for me to be a cheerleader.  Those uniforms were expensive. But guess what?  To be a cheerleader in life, it doesn’t cost a thing.  All you need is LOVE in your heart and you’ll be able to “Rah, rah sis boom bah” for others.  And it actually lifts you up while you do it!


My cheerleader’s birthday is today.  I love this day!  I adore making a fuss for people’s birthdays and since my cheerleader is not one for the limelight or in need of material things  it is the one day I get to really go overboard.  Last year for my cheerleader’s birthday we were in France. Yep!  We went to spend August 14th in Giverny, at Monet’s Garden.  It was one of my Bucket List trips.  That is the kind of cheerleader I have!  THEIR birthday at MY bucket list locale.



I am so grateful everyday that my cheerleader is my Hubby, my best friend and my soulmate. And I love this day because God blessed me by bringing this man into this world on this day. It took many years before our “broken roads led us straight to each other”. I talked about it a bit on here before, but it wasn’t easy!   But rather than fret over what was lost time,  I am going to savor the day, each minute.  Because this is the man that once told me “I was put on this earth to love you”.  It just took me time to accept that!

Though he is my cheerleader he hasn’t literally lifted me up over his head with one hand like they do on those co-ed cheerleading squads.  But he did carry me across the finish line when we represented Ireland in the World Championships of the Wife Carrying Competition.

Happy Birthday Hun, I LOVE you so much and thank you for everything!

2-4-6-8 who do I  appreciate? My cheerleader, Yeah!




This is the famous lily pond at Monet’s Garden in Giverny, France. That is the gorgeous Japanese Bridge so often a subject in Claude Monet’s paintings. As much as I love those paintings it can’t beat this pic. If you look closely that is my husband standing on the bridge taking photos.  I was on the others side of the lake taking this pic. Which was hard to do because I was in tears. But they were tears of joy that some how I was lucky enough to have found my cheerleader!