Guest Blogger Month: Post #14

It is actually here! Yes Valentine’s Day! The day known around the world as the day of LOVE! Yet, people don’t often realize it is a feast day for St. Valentine from Italy.  He was martyred on February 14th in 273 AD and let me tell you it’s not a pleasant story.  If you’d like to read how and why click here.  But another thing many people don’t know, even Irish folks, is that the relics and some blood of St. Valentine were placed in Whitefriar Street Church in Dublin back in 1836. They are still there and I’ve been to visit many times, in fact I was just there this past Sunday and lit candles. 

However, Hallmark and other businesses thriving on this day in particular (such as restaurants, florists and chocolatiers) don’t focus on that.  For them it is all about romantic love.  As I stated on day one of the Guest Blogger series, this whole month is a time to celebrate all kinds of love. And all of the stories have been varied and indeed the authors have even been different ages.

Take today’s guest blogger. Hannah-Rose Sweeney from County Donegal in Ireland is only 8 years old. But she and I know each other through Snapchat.  Her mom and extended family are so dear to me!  Though Hannah-Rose is in school and is busy with Irish dancing, she does hope to one day have a blog of her own. She was delighted for a chance to share her own love story on Yankee Doodle Paddy. So please show her (and all the authors) some LOVE and support!

Granda Bubbles

My story of love is about a man who is my great grandad who we all call granda bubbles. He lived in the centre of Ireland in Athlone Co West Meath. My family and I traveled almost every 6 to 7 weeks from Co Donegal to visit him. We stayed in a beautiful hotel called the Prince of Wales just a few min from his house. Every time we visit granda bubbles he kept a football just for me and he would be out in the front garden having a kick about with my mammy, aunts and me. Sadly my great grandad passed away 2 days before my 5th birthday but we had a special day with cake and candles with him and grandad bubbles watched my Balloon for me when my nanny and aunties took me shopping through his wake. My grandad bubbles birthday is on Valentine’s Day and every year we spread the love in his name, gone but never forgotten GRANDA BUBBLES XX??? xx

I’ve shared on here before my love for my own Grandpa O’Neill. Grandparents are so special. And you can just see the love in this photo above. Well a very happy birthday to Granda Bubbles!  He must be looking down with pride and joy for Hanna-Rose to have shared this LOVE story on his birthday! But their whole family is bursting with love each and every day, 365 of them, throughout the year. What wonderful role models for future generations. I’m blessed to know them if only through social media.

Thanks Hanna-Rose for sharing. It was an honor to have your words grace this blog. And I look forward to seeing yours one day when you get it up and running. Keep up the good work! You’re an angel!

Bubble LOVE,


P.S. If you’d like to share your own love story please get in touch. Leave a comment or email me at: [email protected]


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