Guest Blogger Month: Post #4

How to start a LOVEolution?  There is no handbook on that my friends.  But as I shared on February 1st, this is the month of LOVE so if it is going to happen, this might be as good a time as any for it to transpire.  Because our love stories are so unique, just as our own fingerprints are, we can learn from all of them. Yet often people aren’t encouraged to share them publicly.  So we let modern culture dictate to us what love is.  And when we compare our love to what we see in magazines we might not appreciate it as much.

Romantic love is great, but real love is powerful.  You’ll see that with today’s guest blogger.  Ger is a lovely woman I met though social media, but we must be sisters from another mista!  Though she doesn’t have a blog or any public way to share her love story, it is just as important as anyone else’s. That is one of the reasons why I felt compelled to start this month long series. Ger is a wife and mother of four girls from Co. Mayo in Ireland. She works in the party and events industry and also has a children’s entertainment and puppetry business. Most of all, she has a heart the size of planet earth!

Well this little verse says it all for me, I’m not used to addressing my inner love… Let alone writing posts about it… But my soulmate and everlasting love is my Hubby of 25 yrs…Love to me are the little things, the comfort of assurance, the simplest of looks , the knowing without saying and the supportive nonjudgmental ear that listens and often helps seek reason…But above all the respect we share for each other because without that we would have nothing…Good times and bad, highs and lows all shared the same common denominator, Love…But not just any ordinary Love, but True Love…I know it’s rare and comes in many forms…But once you find it, it grows stronger with every challenge… And nothing can break that bond… And when you have family of your own, that love expands… And another type of love cycle begins an amazing journey…
So Karen , thank you for allowing me to come out of my comfort zone a wee bit and I hope maybe it makes sense to you all x❤️X


Thank you Ger for sharing your perspective and experience of LOVE.  I appreciate you coming out of your comfort zone so we can all celebrate love in its varying forms.  It is a great testament to your family that your love has only grown stronger over the 25 years.  A wonderful example for your girls and for all of us who got that little glimpse. Bless you!

Real LOVE,


P.S. If today is your first day to read a story from this series,  I suggest you check out my Hubby’s post, Pam’s post and yesterday’s post by Rebecca.  All so unique and yet such special insights into LOVE.  If you would like the opportunity to share a LOVE story during this Guest Blogger Month, leave a comment or send me an email at: [email protected]


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