Recipe: Mothering Sunday

Living in this part of the world I get to experience two days dedicated to all the moms out there!  In Ireland and the U.K. it is called “Mothering Sunday” and falls during Lent.  While I don’t celebrate this one myself, as I only celebrate the U.S. Mother’s Day in May,  I still recognize it.  I have so many friends over here who do celebrate.  So I just want to wish each and every one of you who is a mom, grandma, great grandma, stepmom, adoptive mom, godmom or somehow a maternal influence on a human being, a happy and blessed day!

It is my belief that it’s a higher calling in life to nurture another person in a maternal way.  One doesn’t have to have given birth to that person to do so. Case in point, my Aunt.  I have spoken on here before about her and she even participated in my Guest Blogger Series of LOVE. Though she never brought children into the world herself, she does so much for our family. And I know many others who might have given birth to their own kids who aren’t as thoughtful or caring as she. The ability to conceive and birth a child makes someone technically a mother, that is true, but it doesn’t mean they have the ability or interest in loving and caring for that child.

Today can be a hard day for many who had a wonderful relationship with their own moms now departed. The longing to hold and touch them again is painful. A visit to a gravesite to lay flowers in remembrance isn’t celebratory. However, at least there is a physical resting place for the closure of a life spent on earth.

 I have shared on here already the story of my mother’s disappearance in 1990.  We still don’t know what happened. So it’s occasions like this that leave our family bewildered on how to recognize the day.  This past May I wrote a blog post called Brother’s Day, which is what our family calls Mother’s Day.  If you read it you’ll understand why we changed the name.

I prefer to focus on my own blessed opportunity of being a mother to help me stay positive. I can’t undo the past but I am grateful for wonderful memories of special days with my own kids.

One Mother’s Day after my divorce, my kids and I went to see the musical Chicago at the Music Center in Downtown Los Angeles. Since I was born in Chicago, and I love musicals, it was pretty darn cool!  Before hand we ate at one of my all time fav places called Engine Company Number 33. It is a converted fire station and the menu includes special dishes from various firehouse kitchens around the USA! The tables are covered in white paper and along with the napkins and cutlery,  there is a cup filled to the brim with crayons.   We colored, played hangman, tick tac toe, as well as created an acronym for Mother’s Day. For each letter, we had to write down a family memory that came to mind.  It became one of my treasured keepsakes!

I look at old photos of when my daughter was younger and it amazes me she is now a mommy herself!   I like to savor the love I see between my daughter and two granddaughters. I can’t even explain the joy in my heart to hear my oldest granddaughter tell her mommy she loves her and how beautiful she thinks she is.  To see my youngest granddaughter, a toddler, snuggle up and kiss her mommy just melts me.

Lots of moms like me might not be able to see their kids on these special holidays for a myriad of reasons.  And it can be tough to watch other families revel in their festive gatherings.  But I don’t begrudge anyone and don’t think people should censor themselves to avoid hurting others’ feelings.  It is part of life, some have more some have less. Of anything. Not just material items. Yes even LOVE!  However, we can can always make our own effort to love more and nurture another, even it that person didn’t come from our own body.

Wise words from a famous song… “We may not get what we want, but we get what we need”! I know retailers rake in the money during these holidays what with flowers, chocolates, spa days, even mugs. But if you really want to give the best gift in the world, give LOVE. If she is still alive, spend special time with your mom, grandma or mother figure. Even if that means a Skype or FaceTime session when there is geographical distance. And if they’re not still here, take a moment or two to think, ponder, and meditate on your love for them. Remember, a heart knows no distance, as love is eternal!

Mothering LOVE,


P.S. Wait, you’re probably thinking, hey where is the recipe? Well, I’m about to share it! This is by far the most requested dish I make. If you haven’t tried it you’re missing out. It is easy and delicious. It makes the perfect family gathering meal and tastes even better the next day. Chicken, tomatoes, garlic, mushrooms, herbs, so flavorful and versatile. Served with rice or pasta, it’s dairy free and can be made gluten free, so everyone is happy!  I often make it and deliver it to a new mommy.  Because meal times can be the most difficult to pull off when there is an infant in the house. As I’ve posted this before, I won’t retype the whole recipe here but click on the link below if you want to be a culinary hero for your loved ones.  Chicken and Artichoke: