Guest Blogger Month: Post #28

It’s February 28th and it is a special day for our family. My Aunt turns 70 years old!!!  It also happens to be time for post #28 during the Guest Blogger Month. I asked my aunt, who happens to be the eldest in the family, if she’d like to share a love story on Yankee Doodle Paddy. She’s more of a talker than a writer. Maybe the gift of the gab came from kissing the Blarney Stone. Then again, she’s always been a great story teller, and full of LOVE!  The perfect combination as this series is winding down. 

She did write a piece once for a competition. And guess what? She won. It was a handwritten entry and the prize was a dinner for 10 at the famous Lawry’s Prime Rib in Beverly Hills. It is a pretty meaningful place for all of us. Many birthdays and celebrations have taken place there. The spinning salad bowl, amazing Yorkshire pudding, prime rib carved tableside from the silver carts. And of course the trifle dessert! And when my aunt won she could have taken any one she wanted. Thank goodness I was in that group! I think in the end there were only 8 of us, but we ordered enough food for 10! We were stuffed! But as you will read, food is very important to my aunt and her win was a win for all of us!

My story of love

My story of love encompasses many things.
My birthday is today. I am 16 with 54 years of experience. Being that I love food as anyone can surmise by my larger stature, today is my day to really enjoy & out do myself.
My family knows nothing can please me more than a good meal. Lucky for me my nieces are all wonderful cooks. How lucky for me one of them is our own Yankee Doodle Paddy?
At times our family has had the pleasure of getting together at a restaurant for dinner. Afterwards on the way to the car I can be found reading the menus on the windows of other restaurants looking for our next culinary adventure. I can hear them whisper “Auntie is window shopping again”.

One of my next loves is travel which I feel is such an education. My hubby and I have had many adventures on the high seas. The experience of visiting the different ports, the buffets, bingo, I could go on and on. Also a visit to Ireland, the old sod, the home of my grandparents, was a trip of a life time that was on my bucket list. But my favorite trips have been when my family has been along for the fun and the memories.

As you can tell my family has played an important part of my definition of love. Where would I be without my hubby of 30 plus years? We are both from Chicago and were destined to meet. He is my soul mate and best friend and I love him dearly.
I have nieces, nephews, great nieces, great nephews and two great great nieces who call me GG for great great Aunt. They all bring love and joy to my life.
Most importantly, I thank the Lord everyday for His love and my blessings.
I want to sincerely thank my niece Karen for asking me to share my love story. I hope I can do this again in another ten years. GG

My aunt is the mom I always wished for, not the one I got. I’ve shared on here before about the issues with my mom and anyone in our family could attest to the stories 100%.  But her younger sister, my aunt, was always the equalizer in our family. One mother’s day, long after my mom had disappeared, I sent my aunt flowers with a Happy Mother’s Day card. It said in the card, “ I had a dream I went to the mom store and I picked you! I woke and realized that even if that wasn’t reality, I still have you as the best aunt in the world! I love you! ”  We have created so many memories together over the years with the family…meals, travel, graduations, holidays, you name it. All are precious, priceless and filled with LOVE!

So Happy 70th Birthday Aunt Rosemary!  Thank you for contributing in this very special moment in the life of Yankee Doodle Paddy and indeed in the world. We may not change all of it with this month long LOVEolution of blog posts. But it sure is a good start!

Family LOVE,