Since we are exactly halfway through the 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge over on Snapchat, I want to continue to show some appreciation. Today it is the You Tube Vloggers who are getting the LOVE!   I have already shown my thankfulness for the bloggers who have touched me through some amazing posts (click here to read).  Last week I shared my gratefulness for some awesome Instagrammers.  I think that You Tube is such a fabulous platform that it deserves some special attention.   I have a You Tube account myself, Yankee Doodle Paddy, and have posted some cooking videos and also commercials from my days working in Hollywood as an actress.  It is a big time commitment to film and edit (um my Hubby is a saint for doing it for me as I am so non tech).  However, these five folks I am about to share seem to be running their own production houses.  And I am in awe!  Some have been vlogging for years and others are newbies.  But all five are channels I enjoy for various reasons.

  1. Donal Skehan was the first Youtube channel I subscribed to ages ago. I am a massive fan of Donal’s cooking, his lovely wife Sophie and their doggie Max.  I also love his travels abroad and most of all his shots of Dublin my soul home.  Donal is a twenty something good looking Irish lad and his positivity and energy are infectious.  I was blessed to meet him a couple of years ago at the Ballymaloe Lit Fest and he really is a super nice genuine guy!
  2. Wholesome Ireland is the fabulous vlog of Caitriona Redmond. She is an Irish mommy, chef, cookery book author and well known foodie blogger.  She also happens to be one of my Woman Crush Wednesday honorees. Just watching her trailer is enough to get you to subscribe to her channel as it’s so beautiful and professionally produced.  She shares cooking tutorials,  tips on food shopping on a budget, and growing your own food. There are also travel videos and my fav budget Christmas gifts for the foodie on Santa’s list!  This woman is a wealth of knowledge and a wonderful human being.
  3. DaintyDiaries is an Irish home interiors and DIY queen.  She is the poster child for a mashup between Laura  Ashley and Shabby Chic.  She’s an absolutely gorgeous petite lady whom I had to pleasure to meet recently at the Freddy Buttons Tea Party.  She knows her stuff about crafting and has created bespoke keepsake gifts that are sentimental and special.  She has a camera friendly fresh look and her quick wit is very entertaining.  While there are only two videos posted so far, I can see this channel being a massive success.
  4. Nico vs World is an Irish secondary school student.  But he reminds me of an old soul in a kids body.  He is interested in a wide range of topics which he shares on his channel.  He is very prolific and shoots and edits his own footage.  He loves music, particularly Bollywood type and creates his own music videos.  He is open about his sexuality and tries to help other young people his age deal with various issues of their generation. He is a smart and handsome young man who could end up on a Hollywood billboard of his own one day.
  5. Word on Fire is a channel that has been around for ages.  My husband was the one who introduced me to this award winning Vlog about Catholic Christianity.  Hosted by Bishop Robert Barron these short videos discuss a range of many topics.  Along with reviews of television shows and films from a Christian perspective, Bishop Barron brings a wonderfully thoughtful theological insight into religion without being preachy.  And he is from my hometown of Chicago so I get to hear that familiar accent!

These are only a few of the fantastic You Tubers who are making their mark, sharing their voice and inspiring the rest of us to share our talents as well.  Please go give them some love and appreciation!

Watching with LOVE,