What I Believe at Fifty Three

Another year, another birthday.  The third one in which I have been fortunate enough to see since I started this blog.  Since I have outlived both my parents, I embrace my age as each day is a gift.  I don’t try to botox away my wrinkles because for me they are reminders of my time here on earth.  I am proud to shout my chronological age from the roof tops.  But the strange thing is I have never actually felt any age.  I have always felt, like ME!  Eternally!

I shared this post when I hit 51 (which just so happened to be on Friday the 13th) and in 2016 I shared a post with 52 quotes representing each year I’ve been in my meat suit.  That is the name I’ve given to my human body, a meat suit.  Cuz real ME is what is on the inside!  My soul.

This year’s birthday post I am taking a riff off of Oprah Winfrey’s famous “What I know for Sure” series.  Only I will be calling mine, “What I believe”. Because to be honest, what we know can change from year to year, with new research developments, or changes in personal relationships…etc. And “what I believe” resonates with me more because it isn’t something that can be debated or argued.  They are MY beliefs!  Hopefully you have your beliefs. And often the two will meet, and sometimes not.  But the key is to respect one another’s beliefs. So for what it is worth here is what I believe at 53!

  1. I believe that gratitude is the most important attitude to have! You can never say thank you too often. And living with a grateful heart is an art form that needs to be nurtured. Appreciating everything, big and small, brings joy into our lives!
  2. I believe our brains are like a time travel machine. We are the DeLorean in Back to the Future.  We can revisit the past to savor some fond memories and we can go forward in time to imagine a dream that has been actualized.  Either way, it is a wonderful gift!  The “now” and “mindfulness”  and “being in the moment” are currently all the rage, and rightfully so.  However, when necessary, like when the now isn’t so hot, it is okay to jump in your time travel machine to catch some bliss!
  3. I believe in treating people with kindness.  It doesn’t take any more effort than treating people with contempt.  And since contempt is the ruin of not only relationships but also of society, then there is no excuse!  We all have control over how we treat people.  And kindness should be king!
  4. I believe that which we fear, we create. That which we hate, we become.
  5. I believe that our highest purpose in life comes from our deepest pain.
  6. I believe that one shouldn’t diet. I mean why would you want to do something with the word die in it! I believe in LIVE it!  I believe that instead of scales and full length mirrors to monitor your body, use the “how are my clothes fitting test”.  If they are tight then move more and eat less until they fit again!
  7. I believe the best facelift is a smile!  It works the facial muscles, brightens the eyes, it is painless, and costs nothing!
  8. I believe in the power of prayer. Miracles do happen! I’ve witnessed them firsthand!
  9. I believe in sharing what we have with others.  It is my experience that those with the most are less generous than those who have little to nothing.  Sharing from excess isn’t true generosity.  And giving of material things is only one aspect of generosity.  Sharing your time, talents and most importantly your love is virtuous!
  10.  I believe intimacy can be intimidating for people who are hiding secrets.  They cling to their fear of being “found out” and waste precious time (theirs and others) putting energy into avoiding and evading.  The consequence is that freedom to be vulnerable and open is lost.  I believe in truth and transparency.  It is what allows humans to connect to one another in an intimate and honest way.
  11. I believe that life is temporary (um there is 100% mortality rate).  And I believe life is a test. Each day we are faced with tests, some are big and some are pop quizzes.
  12. I believe LOVE is the answer, no matter the question.

With love, always and everywhere!


3 thoughts on “What I Believe at Fifty Three

  1. Happy birthday, and I love each of these ‘what you believe’
    You and I have had similar pasts, and I often wonder what makes us such happy giving humans; maybe seeing what type of people we don’t want to be.

    I have some stress atm, and keep saying it’s only temporary (I hope it is)

    Much love Wendie x

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