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As I mentioned here before this is the first time I have hosted even one guest blogger, not to mention a month filled with them. But I have been a guest blogger before. And so naturally, I was hoping my hostess with the mostest, Penny, would return the favor and share a love story with us on Yankee Doodle Paddy.  And thankfully she didn’t disappoint! 

In her bio Penny says she’s, “A 30-something blogger living in Essex in the UK and working in London, with a love for life that knows no bounds. Believes in seeing the best in the world and always looking for the silver lining.” Okay well her silver lining must be totally blinged out as well. She is absolutely full of life and zest and when I got to know her through social media back in July it was epic. She was watching my Snapchat story when I went to Wimbledon and she told me she did air fist bumps with me when I eventually gained admissions into the famed tennis match.

When someone is so supportive and generous, you wonder how their own cup gets filled?  Well when you read Penny’s love story it will all be revealed!

February, the month of Valentines, the month of love.

For me, whenever I think of Karen, I think of love, light and happiness as she’s one of the most infectiously positive people I think I’ve ever come across! So, to have the chance to guest post for her is a pleasure that is entirely mine.

2017, for me, has got off to a rocky start with a Cancer diagnosis, swiftly followed with the brilliant news that it was caught early and could simply be cut out with two small operations. Despite the fact it’s been the best possible outcome, being hit with the C-bomb was one that shook me to my core, and the time I’ve spent in recovery post-surgeries has given me a lot of time to think, with a lot of the focus being on improving my world and making the most of what I already have in it.

I consider myself a very lucky person and I consider my life to be emotionally rich in terms of friends, family and love, but one part of my life that I am particularly grateful for – as silly as it sounds – is for my animals and the unconditional love I receive from them. A version of love that I truly believe it is impossible to receive from another human being.

Within the walls of my home I have two cats, who have been around for 10-years, and a rescue dog who I have had for almost 2-years.

Over the decade I have had my cats my life has changed shape so many times. We’ve moved house 8 times, I’ve changed jobs, I’ve met and broken up with boyfriends, I’ve been extremely poorly, I’ve had dark times and times of joy, and through it all they have been there by my side, my constants, providing unerring love and affection. I’ve cried into their fur, I’ve danced around the living room with them, and I’ve hugged them close to me whilst laid in bed unwell. Through it all, those furry little fellas have been there, never faltering in their companionship to me.

My dog came to me a couple of years ago, a rescue who was abused as a puppy and has a large scar across her face as a result of a kick to the head; a kick that has also left her slightly brain damaged. As a result of the brain damage she can be extremely hard work but she is also so incredibly full of love, forever wanting to be not just by my side, but sitting on top of me or my other half, as close as she possibly can be.

In my last relationship, my then-partner told me that he hated my cats and he wished they would die. He told me that I should choose between them and him. So I did. I still remember his face as he said, “Are you seriously choosing the cats?” and I said yes, I was. I know there will be a portion of humanity who feel this is a crazy decision, but my thinking was this: sure, the cats can’t talk, but if they could, they would never ask me to choose between them and another person in my life as all they truly want is for me to be happy. And that applies to all animals. All they want is to love and be loved, and there’s something so pure about that, something I’m not convinced is programmed into people.

Pet ownership isn’t for everyone and, it’s true, they can be a “bind” in terms of not being able to go out in the evening straight from work, or off for weekends away at the drop of a hat, but, for me, foregoing those little perks in life is totally worth it when weighed up against the value of the cuddles on the sofa in the evening, or the naps together on the sofa on a lazy Sunday.

I will forever be grateful for the love of animals and I will forever strive to learn from their example.

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Aw Penny that love story brought tears to my eyes.  I’m sure I am not in the minority here, as many of us are pet lovers. They are so loyal and loving and you are right, they show us an example of unconditional love!  They are also healers and have provided the nurturing place for which you could recover from your recent health challenge. Thank God for that!  Thank YOU for sharing in spite of your recuperation mode and of course thanks for the kind words!

Furry Friend LOVE,


P.S. Even though it is nearly the end of February, the month of LOVE, you can still submit a love story by emailing me at:  imayankeedoodlep[email protected] There is always room for more love in this world!

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