Guest Blogger Month: Post #11

Most people don’t sit around and ponder all the different types of love.    However, since I am a LOVE enthusiast, I do it all the time.  But I thought it would be great during February to give you all a break from me carrying on about it, and learn from a few brave souls. Though portrayed in books, movies and songs, love isn’t the easiest thing to write about. It renders us vulnerable. However, when we focus more on sharing our experiences with this awesome human emotion, we open up and also touch the hearts of others.

Today’s author, the lovely Alison, a blogger from Northern Ireland, has done just that.   There is nothing like a daddy/daughter relationship and she gives us a glimpse into a most special kind of love . And it will tug at the heart strings! 

Love for Daddy

When Karen asked for some people to guest post on her amazing blog for February, to talk about any type of love, I felt that I really wanted to get involved. Now, I could sit here and talk about the love I have for my truly amazing husband, but you guys don’t need to hear about that, what I am going to talk about is the love I feel for my Daddy, now that my Mummy has passed away.

So, just to give you a little background, my mummy and daddy had that type of love that you dream of having. I always said if I ever found something close to their love for each other I would be the luckiest girl in the world. My mum and dad met and married in a year in 1972, he asked her to marry him after 6 weeks, but she wanted to wait till she was 18, so on the 25th November 1972 they were married. I came along as a little miracle in 1983 and I am an only child.

The only word I can use to describe their love is devotion, when mummy first took ill 2002 my daddy became her carer and over the years his devotion was truly beautiful till the day we lost her on paddys day 2011.

Growing up I was a daddy’s girl and although mummy and I pushed each other’s buttons she was my best friend. My mum was a real hugger and loved to show affection but dad being older than her and having a military upbringing is pretty old school and hugging doesn’t come natural. This was and still is hard at times, but it’s the little things he does like he might walk past and ruffle my hair that mean so much.

When mummy passed, dad and I held each other and I felt his body collapse against mine and I knew in that moment he had lost the spark within him. I spoke at mummys funeral and he held my hand, in that moment I knew we could get through anything as a team. I sit here and feel all those feelings again and feel like a little child who just needs her daddy.

When I was away on my gap year in 2002 I rang them every night at 10.30pm and to this day, I still do that. Dad eats with Scott and I most nights and it’s the small things that keep me going.

I don’t think the amount of love for daddy has changed since mummys passing, but I feel very very protective of him. He lives across the road from us, and its things like if he hasn’t pulled his blinds by 10am I panic, or I see an ambulance go by I panic, a little cough or cold and my mind races. He took a stroke last year and it affected the eye and he needed surgery to clear his carotid artery, that for me was one of the scariest times, I felt like a vulnerable scared child and if it wasn’t for Scott I don’t know how I would have coped.

Daddy, is the strongest, kindest man and he would do anything for anyone. My grief all surrounded him, I watched him buy 3 bananas in Sainsburys one day after she passed and I had to walk away, its small things that kill me. I wanted him to be ok, I wanted him to smile and I wanted him to not be broke anymore. Days and years have passed and it will be 6 years this year since we lost her, but the hurt still remains but as dad once said we are an unbreakable circle and can get through anything.

I catch glimpses of him sometimes and I just pray to my Lord to keep him safe and happy, little laughs from him mean more to me than winning the lottery. Watching him clear his dinner plate and saying he enjoyed it, and watching tv together mean the world.

I loved him before mummys passing and I love him now but for sure the love has changed in intensity. I just crave for him to be happy and smile.

So, Daddy when I email you this, just know you are loved and your devotion to mummy was truly inspirational and beautiful. You’re my everything.


Thank you Alison for such a beautiful love story. I am sure your daddy is proud of you! And we have all learned more about this unconditional and eternal LOVE!

If you’d like to know more about Alison, you can check out her awesome blog Passions and Preening. She is one of the most kind and lovely people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. She was one of my Sunday Spotlight Snap Sistas and also she and her hubby were Snappy’s Foster Parents for a month during the summer of 2016. They had loads of fun traveling around Northern Ireland! And below are Alison’s social media links too!

Snapchat: alison2603

Instagram: Passionsandpreening

Facebook: Passionsandpreening

Twitter: @Passionsandpreen

Hope you all have a lovely Sunday and that you have a little think about LOVE and what it means to you.  And if you’d like contribute your own story send me a comment on here or email me at: [email protected]  We may not be able to make a big change in the world over night.  But if we all share a little bit of love each day, before we know it, things will have changed for the better!



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  1. Alison this is so beautiful, I have tears streaming down my face reading it. And because I know you and know what a beautiful person you are it makes it even more special to read your words xx

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