Recipe: Woman Crush Wednesday

Today’s Woman Crush Wednesday is coming to you from the U.S.A.  I’m here visiting family and enjoying a playcation with my granddaughters.  Being back in the country of my birth makes it a perfect time to honor Christina Tosi.  Not only is she the 82nd WCW recipient but she is also the creator and chef of Milk Bar.  This world famous bakery headquartered in NYC has 8 locations now.  With two cookbooks under her belt, her recipes are very American in their roots.  But Christina is super innovative in her approach to being a pastry chef. She is a fabulous role model for women in the culinary world and I am so excited to honor her today and re-create one of her recipes here and live on Snapchat.  My username is blissbakery if you’d like to come check it out!  Continue reading

Lasting Sounds

Here we are on the last day of 2017.  I couldn’t let this opportunity pass without wishing you a Happy New Year and sharing a post.   I’ve always felt that it’s a good thing to honor the past year before moving on to the next.  Whether it is savoring the memories and reflecting on all the good that’s happened or finding ways to learn from the pain and struggles.  There are a myriad of ways to do that, but I decided when I first started this blog to focus on a different perspective each year.  On New Year’s Eve in 2015 I focused on lasting words, and in 2016 on lasting images.  I’ve chosen to call this end of the year reflection “Lasting Sounds”. Continue reading

Wine Not Make a Wreath?

Wine and Wreaths. Yep, that is what I’m talking about today!  If you’re like many folks during this “twixmas” (the time between Christmas and New Years) you’ve got some time on your hands and maybe you’ve even been doing a fair bit of imbibing.  If your drink of choice is wine, that means you have plenty of wine corks left over.  Unless you like box o wine. Then you can just skip along past this blog post.  Continue reading

Recipe Round Up! Homemade Holiday Brunch Ideas

I know we are all busy bees with only a couple more sleeps until Chrimbo (as it is called over here in London). So this will be a quick and easy blog post as a go to guide of what you can make for breakfast and brunch over the holiday period. You may already know this about me but Sunday brunch is literally my favorite meal of the week!  While it isn’t always acceptable to eat a hearty and indulgent brunch every day, over the next week it is almost mandatory!  On this list you will find sweet and savory dishes.  There are some healthy options here too. So I’ll categorize it like Santa would, a NAUGHTY and NICE list!   So sit back, relax, and drool over some some great brunch ideas…. Continue reading

Havana a Ball!

I couldn’t help the play on words when I came up with the title for this blog post about our trip to Havana.  I could have titled this “Havana a Laugh” but to be honest our trip wasn’t all fun and games.  But bottom line we did have a ball in Havana.  While we were there for the Havana Film Festival, seeing on average three films per day, we did squeeze in some sightseeing. It really is a fascinating place, with a rich history and culture. Continue reading

Recipe: Woman Crush Wednesday

It is great to be back from Havana in time for my fav Woman Crush Wednesday!  Since it is the week before Christmas I thought it might be fun to have a festive episode today. You know an edible something that you might make for a last minute Christmas goodie!  And today’s honoree is just the one to help!  The amazing Lily Jones of the famous Lilly Vanilli Bakery here in London is getting the WCW love today!  And wait until you see this fantastic recipe of hers! Continue reading