TNT Blowing Up Social Media


When you see the acronym T.N.T you immediately think of tri-nitro-toluene right?  You know, that explosive substance?  Well today I’ve got another kind of explosive substance for you. It is TNT alright!  It is Tuesday’s Nice Tweeters!  That’s because I am in the middle of hosting the #30daysofgratitude Snapchallenge.  I’ve already shared my gratitude for some Bloggers, Instagramers, and YouTubers so today it is the day for Twitterland love!

I’ve barely been on Twitter for a year (my handle is @yankeedoodlpad).  It isn’t necessarily the most effortless social media platform for me to navigate.  Not that it is hard, but for me, a long winded chatty Irishwoman, it isn’t easy. Try reducing all your thoughts to 140 witty characters!  Eeks!  But the ten Tweeters I am about to share on here are just awesome!  They are at the top of their game and deserve a follow from you if you’re not already doing so.

  1. @BarryMcCallfoto was one of the first people I followed when I joined Twitter. He politely returned the favor. I have a massive amount of love and respect for this talented Irish photographer. I was lucky enough to have Barry take some photos of me some six years ago!  Long before I was on Twitter.  And we also had a blast when I took him over to meet my dear friend Quincy Jones. Barry is a true gentleman and is generous with his support of others on Twitter.  I love his tweets of classic and historical photographs as well as his own of course.
  2. @CiamhieMc is such a fabulous Twitter user. She is active, interactive, supportive and has that quick wit that makes you want to see what her latest tweet is all about. I had the pleasure of meeting her at the IBA conference in Dublin this year when she was one of the speakers on the day.  Though I didn’t have a clue at that stage what analytics were all about, I can still hear her voice saying “MFE”.  Which meant, “measure feckin everything”.  I am still trying to sort it all out, but I have to give her credit for steering me on the path to knowing what to do on Twitter. Besides being funny and honest,  this lady is super kind and I love her for that!
  3. @pauldunphy is one of my fav Tweeters. He is absolutely adorable and his smile, joy, love of life, and of course his sweet doggie, never cease to make me happy.  I met him at the Image Magazine Digital Media Masterclass.  He is very friendly and so knowledgeable about social media, Twitter in particular. He said one needs to send at least 8 tweets a day (that’s not including retweets)!  While I may fail at that due to other commitments, I do think his “social media curator” job sounds so cool.  He is hired by many companies to manage their accounts and he does it all effortlessly. Need help, then give him a ring asap!
  4. @MDSCInitiative is my go to for news relating to Hollywood.  Specifically, all things media diversity (or lack thereof) in the entertainment business.  Dr. Stacy Smith, Marc Choueiti and Dr. Kate Peiper happen to be friends as well.  We met at the University of Southern California when I was a student.  I was fortunate enough to work for them on some early research projects. They manage to command the attention of the major players in Hollywood because they are shining the spotlight on the truth!  I have so much respect for them!  Oh and they may be research scientists and work incredibly hard, but they have more fun than anyone I know!
  5. @jules_mahon and I met recently at the Freddie Buttons Tea Party.  Jules is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. You’d think maybe she was in the beauty industry but in fact she is in the food business.  Not just any food business.  She and her husband Keith have created the biggest online food website in Ireland. They bring news, reviews, recommendations and promotions about restaurants, hotels, food festivals, you name it.  Without any grant or government funding, their two year old virtual baby TheTaste_ie has generated over one million euros in revenue for Irish food and hospitality businesses.   I love Jules’ tweets to keep me up to date on the Irish food scene. And she was one of the finalists for the Image Magazine Businesswoman of the year award!  Well done!
  6. @lorGMedia and I met through Snapchat.  But Loretta really has her finger on the pulse of Twitter.  I found that out when she asked me to pariticapte in the National Women’s Enterprise Day. The tweets were flying, I was getting tagged and trying to keep my head above water.  I asked her advice on how to acknowledge people when they mention you in a tweet.  She graciously helped me and shared other tips too.  Of course not many join social media at 50 years old like I did so I really appreciated the help!  Loretta is lovely, smart and hard working.  Her media company is always busy on one project or another. But she never lets any stress show as her smile is ever present. A mommy of twin girls I don’t know how she does it all.  And she is bilingual as well folks!  Yes, she’s a very proud Irish speaker, so you might find her tweets go back and forth between it and English. She’s one of my inspirations to learn to speak Irish!
  7. @Snapchat may seem like a funny one to include on this list as it isn’t a person but another social media platform. But I have to give props to Snapchat as they retweeted one of my tweets.  Little did I know the impact that would have.  But I suppose with 1.6 million followers, they have a few eyes. I was only dropping off custom made donuts and a thank you note to their headquarters in Venice, CA.  I didn’t have any expectations.  But they are responsible for saving my life and subsequently sparking a love story!   I just wanted to share the LOVE.  And guess what?  They shared the love back. Thanks Snapchat!
  8. @mariankeyes and I met on Twitter years ago. That may sound strange because I only recently joined the social media app myself.  But when I worked in Dublin for a gourmet fresh foods store I helped organize food and a cake for her mother’s birthday. We had great chats on the phone when she called.  She actually tweeted a pic of the cake for her “Mam” which was so kind of her. She was one of the first people I followed when I joined.  I love her quick wit (okay that may come easy to her since she is a best selling author).  But she is so interactive with her followers and I think that is refreshing.  And my fav is the way she tweets.  It is another language all together. Her use of Irish-isms and humor is hilarious.  If you aren’t following her yet, what are you waiting for, go sign on now!
  9. @MartyLyricfm and I have been interacting over the radio for years.  He is the well known Irish radio personality on RTE and also hosts numerous television shows in Ireland such as Winning Streak and Eurovison.  But he is super generous to his listeners.  He reads their texts and emails on the radio.   I made him my one and only Man Crush Monday recipient!  He was so good to retweet and so many people loved my Snapchat cookery demo where I made edible cookie mustaches in his honor. Marty’s twitter feed is fab, lots of music of course and history which I love too.  What a national treasure he is!  One day, please God, I’ll meet him.
  10. @MelanieMorris and I met on Snapchat though it is on Twitter that Melanie has won numerous awards for her influence.  She has been one of the most generous people to come into my life.  She invited me to two Image Magazine Digital Master Classes, sent me makeup and even got a gorgeous outfit for my granddaughter.  I am in love with her doggie Flumpy and totally admire her creativity, achievements but most of all her heart of gold.  I included her in my post called Snapchat Matters if you want to hear me gush about her some more.  She may be the Editor in Chief of Ireland’s number one fashion magazine Image, but she is the most down to earth person you’d ever meet. LOVE her!

Thanks to these fabulous folks for your inspiration and your support! You’re not only Tuesday’s Nice Tweeters but are as explosive as TNT with your powerful and positive use of the social media platform Twitter!  Keep up the good work!

Kaboom Kudos LOVE!