Recipe: Courgette Cakes

One of the best things about teaching cookery classes is seeing the students delighted with themselves when they have recreated a dish I have demoed.  Especially one that is a bit different than the norm.  Such is the case with these savory Courgette Cakes.  Or as my American friends might call them, Zucchini Fritters.  In essence they are a pancake.  However, not your typical Sunday brunch pancake which is a butter and syrup laden affair.  Continue reading

Recipe: Mothering Sunday

Living in this part of the world I get to experience two days dedicated to all the moms out there!  In Ireland and the U.K. it is called “Mothering Sunday” and falls during Lent.  While I don’t celebrate this one myself, as I only celebrate the U.S. Mother’s Day in May,  I still recognize it.  I have so many friends over here who do celebrate.  So I just want to wish each and every one of you who is a mom, grandma, great grandma, stepmom, adoptive mom, godmom or somehow a maternal influence on a human being, a happy and blessed day! Continue reading

Storage Wars

I’ve had an ongoing war with storage for the last decade. Though the battle isn’t over yet, I feel like I have the upper hand. I actually never thought that I would ever even have storage. I was completely against it and felt it was a waste of money. But circumstances be what they may, I got sucked into the vortex. I actually don’t want to total up all the money I’ve spent to have my belongings stored in a 5×10 unit that is kept safe by a simple padlock. I’d likely have a heart attack!  Continue reading

Girl Power! International Women’s Day & National Women’s Enterprise Day

Today is Wednesday which usually means I do a cooking tutorial for my Woman Crush Wednesday series. I choose a female chef and recreate one of her recipes live on Snapchat.  However, today is a momentous day around the world.  It is International Women’s Day which is being played out in many different ways.  Various events from marathons, marches, lunches and summits, all highlighting this year’s theme of #beboldforachange.   Continue reading

Recipe: I Donut Think You Can Pass This Up!

It is no secret our family has a love affair with donuts!  I mean who doesn’t?  We scour the globe getting them everywhere we can to compare and contrast. I’ve taken my Snapchat friends on several Foodie Fieldtrip Friday outings to donut shops.  I gave Snapchat headquarters custom donuts that spelled out Snapchat! I even dressed as a donut for Halloween this year! While the majority in our family prefer the “cake” variety, there are others in the “yeast” donut camp. There are whole debates in food journalism on this subject!  In fact, people even argue on how to spell donuts (or doughnuts)! Whatever type you favor, or how you choose to spell them, you will love making these bite sized treats in your own home.  Continue reading